Monday, December 23, 2019


France, the last international bulwark of the ending dictatorship of Paul Biya?  Asking this question is in itself very important because, although managed by a gerontocratic regime for 37 years, one can nevertheless also wonder if Cameroon is an adult country?  Indeed, Macron's France and Biya's Cameroon are supposed to have freed themselves from this type of interference that Françafrique has maintained in Africa, but is that the case?

MP Sébastien Nadot confirms in his question to Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian at the French National Assembly, transmitted in the form of correspondence to the French Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), the role of the French government to say the least ambiguous and  particularly for his diplomacy, in the persistence with impunity of crimes against humanity and genocide in English-speaking Cameroon.

Paris would thus have protected and would actively continue to protect the genocidal regime of Yaoundé on the international scene.
In fact, Mr. Nadot is talking about a subject he has mastered fairly well, since he has just written a book on the torture of political prisoner Amadou Vamoulke, arbitrarily kept in prison in an alarming state of health.

For the first time in the history of Cameroon, we had the weakness to think that Operation Sparrowhawk could demonstrate that the caciques of the Biya regime and of businessmen are no longer protected by a veil of impunity in the country. Although this, on the whole, represented a positive development that our organization really supports and has supported, despite the bad languages, we can unfortunately no longer hide and conceal major dysfunctions, even from French parliamentarians who have so far been unwelcome.  on these "local realities".  Because from the start, the operation would have used dubious procedures and forms of cynical investigation, such as selective leaks of information in the media and detention of people under duress, before being condemned without evidence after their  to have literally placed them under moral torture by forcing them to confess.  Thus, the proofs and guarantees of due process are thrown out the window and nothing protects us all, nor separates democracy from dictatorship.

In addition, if you land in Yaoundé these days, you will not find tanks in the streets, but make no mistake, journalists are arrested and two wars are taking place simultaneously in the country, one in the north  with Boko haram and the other in the English-speaking regions of the country.  The government is implementing a well-planned strategy to reduce the liberal democratic sphere criminalizing and labeling the opposition as traitors and terrorists.  NGOs and civil society groups have been excluded from policy making.  The rule of law is put to death by various groups.

It is an absolute tragedy that the Biya regime is doing in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon.  English-speaking Cameroonians had to tolerate a culture of corruption, depravity and war for so long only to find that this is what fascist kleptocracy thought was "normal" for them all the time and it seems very "surprised" when its  victims try to resist them.  Cameroonians deserve so much better.

 It must stop.

At the risk of being once again accused of complicity in genocide as in Rwanda in 1994, at least being associated with the terror of a tyranny ending in Cameroon, France must openly distance itself from the genocidal regime of Paul Biya.  Because obviously the "Fatherland" called "Human Rights" still would not have learned all the lessons from the most resounding unhappy episode of its presence in Africa.

Indeed, Cameroon is supposed to be an adult country at this stage.  However, it must be noted that through “Françafrique”, France continues to be involved clandestinely in the most horrible affairs in Africa for decades and the interference often takes the form of very public praise for dictators  like Paul Biya regularly invited to France by President Macron.

It is the natural result of the cult of blood money and the deification of predatory companies that the partisans of Françafrique call "development and free enterprise" and even "democracy".

But as French thinkers such as François-Xavier Vershave, Dominique Benquet and Pierre Pean have shown, Françafrique loves dictators, hates everything that looks like real democracy and is gathered at the altar of macabre profit.  It absolutely cannot go beyond narrow and selfish personal interests, maintaining networks of clientelism, paternalistic and patrimonial patronage which reduce the French-speaking countries of Africa to a state of permanent infantility and regressive development.

What a sad end to the "African experience".


The Committee for the Liberation of Political Prisoners - CL2P