Monday, December 16, 2019

In the Arena, Michele Ndoki Challenges Paul Biya

Me Michele Ndoki was this Sunday in "the Arena" on Canal 2 International. Facing the Cameroonians, the activist of the Mrc expressed herself on all the subjects which feed the current socio political life of Cameroon.

Watch the video below;

Asked about the special status that Paul Biya intends to grant to the English-speaking regions, the "fiancĂ©e du Peuple" regrets that the main stakeholders are excluded from the process. For her, the Biya regime should have included the separartists in the drafting of the content of this famous special statute. 

On the current controversy swelling in relation to the indigenous, Michele Ndoki considers that instead of wanting to settle a situation, the current leaders are setting fire to the powder with a term "delicate than it is not good to put in the law at the risk of promoting a gregarious instinct".