Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Imprisoned for Fraud, Dr Inès Kamto has no connection with our leader - MRC

The arrest and transfer to prison of Dr Ines Kamto is causing buzz on social networks. Accused of having diverted the sum of 45 million, this lady who has the same patronym as the president of the MRC Maurice Kamto, is presented as her sister. Everyone goes there from their sources which are only crazy rumors.

Dr Inès Laure Kamto, accused of having stolen 45 million FCFA, has therefore been presented for a few days earlier as a cousin, sometimes as the sister of Maurice Kamto. But contrary to what is said, Inès Laure Kamto has no friendly or family connection with Maurice Kamto. She is also not an activist of the MRC and has never met Maurice Kamto. 

This is what Bibou Nissack, the spokesperson for Maurice Kamto, says on his Facebook page. “Although having a surname homonymous with that of the President-elect, this lady has no connection with the President-elect. Claims to the contrary can only be defamatory or fall into slander outright. ” Says he. 

Dr. Inès Laura Kamto was sentenced last weekend to five years in prison. She will also have to reimburse the businessman CFAF 47 million. It was the businessman Blaise Pascal Talla who accused her of stealing this plump sum from his briefcase.

In addition, it will have to pay 500,000 FCFA of expenditure to be paid into the public treasury. The verdict is not yet final. Inès Laure Kamto has 10 days to appeal. 

Arrested and taken to the premises of the judicial police, Inès Laure Kamto will spend 3 days there. Then, it will be transferred before being placed under a warrant for detention in Bafoussam prison. The last act in this incredible case is his sentence to 3 years. 

It was the public prosecutor near the courts of Bafoussam who had awarded the warrant for filing against Inès Laure Kamto.