Friday, December 13, 2019

'I suffer a real cabal, I'm insulted and dirty

The divorce is definitely consummated between Paul Eric Kingue and Maurice Kamto, two political allies in the presidential election of 2018.

On radio Equinoxe last Tuesday, Paul Eric Kingue has once again demonstrated that his relationship with the leader of the MRC is now very shaky. The former mayor of the district municipality of NjombĂ©-Penja, is the one who is the most virulent, and multiplies outrageous exits against his former cellmate. He claims to be a victim of a cabal and promises to completely demolish Maurice Kamto after February 9, 2020, date of the double poll. 

We offer you the excerpt from his remarks on Equinoxe radio 

Yes indeed I had promised a great unpacking on Kamto, I would do it after February 9, 2020. For now the MPCN focuses on elections. And then I'm on a hospital bed You can not ask me to melt in the MRC.

The big brother Dzongang for whom I have a lot of respect, can blend into the MRC, he has his political future behind him When I talk about Taliban. Must be clear I do not speak Bamileke. Since I am a bit Bamileke by my father. When I talk about Taliban, I'm talking about some MRC activists, they come from all the tribes. I tell you that the MRC is 90% Taliban. Taliban refers to intolerance. 

These people are intolerant to those who do not think like them. And it is fearing for this country if these people come to power. Anyone who does not think like them would be forced to flee to Nigeria or elsewhere. If in the opposition, they are already like that, I undergo a real cabal, they insult me ​​and dirty me. Imagine them with power, police and others. This country will be unbreathable. I am fighting for a Cameroon where everyone has the freedom to think without receiving insults. Even Kamto on the TV show the other day, said he can not control that. No, a leader must be able to manage his troops. "- 

there were parties that had asked for a 15-day extension to complete their nomination files, Elecam rejected that request. But these parties have nightly in complicity with the administration completed all their records. These parties wanted to make Cameroonians believe that in a few days they raised 80 million francs. Look at the candidates, how many of them are able to pay a deposit of 1million. I am not part of this kind of chosen opposition.