Friday, December 20, 2019

Huge mystical plot in making against Emmanuel Leubou

Lefang Celestina Nkeng has decided to finish with Emmanuel Leubou who has things to say about her and the network for canceling fictitious advances and pensions advances to the Ministry of Finance. Detained since May 4, 2018 at the Yaoundé central prison, it is this Friday, December 20, 2019 that the trial of the former head of the computer unit of the Directorate of Expenditure, Pensions and Staff (DDPP) at the Directorate General Budget of the Ministry of Finance, opens at the Special Criminal Court (TCS). The Court has just realized that it is the user (password) of Dame Lefang who canceled the reimbursements of pay and pension advances granted to certain officials. Hence the panic of the latter who relies on his networks to avoid justice.

Sister-in-law of the all-powerful president and chief executive officer of the Anecdote press group, Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga, an executive in the management of the Treasury, Lefang Celestina Nkeng, according to informed sources, brought marabouts to Yaoundé for mystically assassinate Emmanuel Leubou. It is after our denunciations on the central role that this lady plays in the cancellation of the claims on the public treasury due to the advances of balances and pensions granted to certain crooked officials, that Lefang Celestina was summoned by the investigating judge at the TCS Wo'o Minko'o Blaise on September 30th. 

It is Emmanuel Leubou who seized in February 2016 the Direction of the Judicial Police of Yaoundé of this scandal of embezzlement of several billion FCFA. Ms. Lefang, who benefits from the cover offered to her by her sister general lawyer at the Supreme Court Sarah Itambi Amougou Belinga, has as accomplice and friend a certain Hubert Abena, who has been reappointed head of the IT department of the DDPP thanks to the current Director General of Budget, Cyrille Edou Alo'o. Reliable sources, Hubert Abena asked for an extension of 3 years of service before his retirement. What the Ministry of Finance granted him.

After having thrown prisoner Emmanuel Leubou in a circle in prison, the mafia of the cancellation of reimbursements of pay advances and fictitious pensions remains active to this day. Hubert Abena with the complicity of Madame Lefang, for example, set up a system called survivor's pensions which consists in paying the pensions of deceased persons to their dependents who, curiously, are colonels, university lecturers, high school teachers, etc. The Abena-Lefang duo manages 40 personnel numbers of pensioners whose beneficiaries who receive their money at the UBA bank pay a percentage to Hubert Abena each end of the month. 

In addition to Sarah Itambi Amougou Belinga, whose husband is the personal friend of the all-powerful Minister of Justice, Laurent Esso, Lefang Celestina also benefits from the support of Paul Elung Che, Deputy Secretary General No. 2 as President of the Republic, sources close to the case report, which is why the lady, the main accused in this case, appears free while Emmanuel Leubou, the complainant, has languished in prison for over a year.

Journalist: Michel Biem Tong