Saturday, December 14, 2019

Here are the 12 shots of Atanga Nji as listed

Here are the 12 shots of the Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji summarized by the daily Le Jour.

A dramatic move A 

man with a hazy past and a belligerent reputation, Paul Atanga Nji, 59, has held the equally mysterious position of National Security Council for ages. Nobody really knows what he is up to or what his real skills are. And when his mentor Paul Biya decided to bring him to the very sensitive post of Minister of Territorial Administration on March 02, 2018, many saw it as a surprising radicalization and a hardening of the power of Yaound√©. Atanga Nji was not expected at such a party. But as he was invited there he made it a point to come with small gifts for the other guests. 

Blow of mouth 

"Whoever takes the path of I don't care will end up in the village if I knew." The phrase went around the cottages before going viral on social networks. In a statement worthy of a musician in search of inspiration, the Minat tances the opponent Maurice Kamto whom he threatens to throw in prison if he persists in his white steps. Voices were raised to decry this lowering of the ministerial function coupled with an almost unprecedented dictatorial drift. They hadn't seen anything yet. The golden boy was just completing his heating round. 


We will not attribute to him alone this spectacular arrest of the leaders of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc) and its allies which caused a worldwide outcry to the point of arousing the hilarity of the international community vis-√†-vis from Cameroon. But it is common ground that the Minat was on the maneuver for the execution of the dirty work. He had promised it, he did it. Talk again ... 


How far can he go? Questions have continued to arise since the current Minister of Territorial Administration started his steamroller. Everything goes from arbitrary decisions to formal threats. Thus, information drawn from a good source indicates that the Minat had almost acted on the dissolution of the Mrc whose formal death he was preparing to sign. Just as he expressly took advice to dissolve the 

"opposition" media that are Le Jour and Radio Equinoxe. Several times he threatened without taking action. The blast would no doubt have been too strong. Ah well you think? Wait until you see… 

Free Kick

The Prime Minister had announced a great national dialogue where we would talk about everything including the form of the state. Paul Atanga Nji snapped it up on an international television channel arguing that the form of the state was non-negotiable. Some wanted to make fun of him by claiming that he saw himself more beautiful than the King. Silent, Atanga Nji smiled. He knew from whom he kept this word. Let us at least recognize that he played a fair game on this one. 

Heart stroke 

The scene was surprising. She came from another world, that of Heaven, still as unfathomable. The Minister of Territorial Administration, "himself", gave bibles and rosaries to the "repentant Ambazonians". The idea, very noble, was to conjure the demon that slumbers in these lost fighters, so that they reintegrate definitively in the beneficent Republic. Folklore is consensual, it is even in fashion. Religious piety "passes the market", the name of God is in everyone's mouth, in all sauces. Why not in the pot of a practicing Catholic like Atanga Nji? 


Paul Atanga Nji likes the press. He likes even more that which is favorable to him and carries the colors of his party, the Rdpc. It finances without fail to fier several newspapers and would have even created a whole pole of communication to water those who play the game. Generosity made man.

Hard blow 

It is its great failure. Despite constant determination, the Minat (originally from Bamenda) that some presented as the Noso firefighter clearly broke his teeth. Apart from repeated threats and wishful thinking, the son of de Marceline and Joseph Atanga never reversed the trend on heavily mined land. This strongly calls into question his aura and the mobilization capacity which he has always boasted about. 

Smooth hit 

A few days before the 2018 presidential elections, a poll is published by several local Tabloids. The study is signed by a shadowy organization called Ennovative Solutions allegedly based in Houston in the United States. It reveals premonitory results: Paul Biya: 79%, 80%, or 81% of the votes according to the tabloids. Joshua Osih: 7%. Maurice Kamto: 5%. Cabral Libih: 2.5%. The press is put to contribution and banknotes circulate. Carpet in the shade a man is on the initiative. Without drums, with trumpets. 


For a time considered as a “young economic operator”, Atanga Nji supported Paul Biya during the embers years (1990-1992), and legend tells us that he would have offered 100 taxis to the State to fight against the dead cities in Douala. It was still him who, in February 2016, launched to everyone's surprise, the idea of ​​the early presidential election while the famous calls for the candidacy of the head of state were in full swing. This avant-garde man never missed an opportunity to fill us in on his indomitable champion. 

A fit of rage 

Zeal to spare. You had to be damn wise to decide on the dismissal of the 3rd degree chief of the Messa Nkoba'a district of the Mvog Tsoung Mballa, His Majesty Biloa Effa. Guilty of being an activist of the Mrc, the latter pays his stubbornness to sail in the opposite wind. But in his redemptive fad Atanga Nji has come to forget that traditional power is above all and exclusively a matter of blood. A chief inherits, he is not appointed. He cannot be dismissed. 

Too much 

With the dismissal of Biloa Effa, Atanga Nji has done too much. Never has the condemnation of his action been greater, even within his political family. "Would he dare the same thing with the King of the Bamons," wonder some. "Why does he let the Lamido of Rey Bouba who created a state within a state," add others. Will this latest move sign the end of the "crazy Biya" race? Nothing is less sure. The enchanter can still surprise.