Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Heavy revelations about the perpetrators behind the murder of nurse Seta Kevin

The criminal power of Yaoundé has the art of taking Cameroonians for fools. Thank goodness the Devil is always in the details. In other words, it is in the inconsistency of the counter-revolutionary campaign of the Biya regime in the press and on social networks that lies its guilt in all the assassinations with decapitation which take place in the Southern Cameroons in full conflict. According to the said propaganda, the corporal nurse Seta Kevin was kidnapped by “secessionist terrorists” on December 21 last in Mbengwi (northwest English-speaking) and then beheaded. The first question that common sense leads us to ask is who can be foolish to believe that a master corporal can be kidnapped so easily by armed men? Are we to be led to believe that this medic was not part of a contingent at the time of his "abduction"? If so, why did you leave him alone to venture into a place where his safety was not guaranteed?

Another curiosity in this case, Nursing Corporal Seta Kevin is kidnapped on December 21, 2019 and on December 23, 2019, information circulates on the exact place where he was kidnapped (Bengwi), how he was killed (slaughtered) and who killed him (the “secessionist terrorists”)! Let us already congratulate ourselves on the expeditious nature of the surveys in Cameroon! Even more curious, these are the agents of the Yaoundé regime on social networks such as Roland Mua, Nkonda Titus alias Ma Kontri Pipo Dem (both close to Atanga Nji), Hervé Parfait Mbapou (friend of the villainous colonel Emile Bamkoui of the Military Security) and many others who hold the photo of the immolation of this young corporal. From the profile of the people who disseminated this information in an almost synchronized way on social networks.

Let the Cameroonians know that personalities such as the current Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, the commander of the Military Security Division (military intelligence), Emile Bamkoui have designed and implemented a veritable villainous crime industry which consists, for their red brigades, in killing civilians and soldiers (in particular those suspected of showing sympathy for the English-speaking cause), filming their beheading and sending their activist friends to social networks in order to present the separatist groups which are authentic in the eyes of international opinion (in particular the American deputy Kareen Bass who seems to be fighting for Biya power lately) as being criminal and terrorist groups.The objective here is to pit the international community and the English-speaking populations against the independence movement.

May the American authorities, international human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Right Watch (whom the regime's agents are now calling for with all their hopes) not be manipulated! Without taking the side of these separatist armed groups forced by the Biya power to fight against the massacre of their close relatives and the burning of their villages, killing, slaughtering and advertising it on social networks is not part of their mode procedure. Recently, armed independence groups arrested 5 activists from the SDF opposition party who are candidates for the legislative and municipal elections on February 9, which they have banned on their territory. You never heard that one of them was killed and his throat cut. Only the Yaoundé regime kills and slits the throats, as it did of Sam Soya in early 2018, of prison guard Florence Ayafor on September 29, 2019 and of police officer Mwana a few weeks later. We are not fools.