Saturday, December 21, 2019

Grégoire Owona harshly attacks Maurice Kamto

The Minister of Labor and Social Security has just posted a tweet, explicitly indexing the national president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon.

Grégoire Owona tweeted again. With the subtlety that we know, the Assistant Secretary General (Sga) of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (Rdpc), has just indexed Maurice Kamto. "First they collaborate, then they betray you, after they contest your legitimacy and when you continue to work peacefully for the people, they cowardly incite citizens to unnecessary violence". Who are they? », Can be read in the tweet of the Sga du Rdpc. 

Only for this other tweet, Internet users in turn left quite mixed comments. We observe that everyone goes with their sensitivity. Some have indicated that the new riddle of the Minister of Labor and Social Security (Mintss) concerns "the Taliban of Maurika god, guru, supreme mullah". For others, it concerns "the government and the Rdpc".

Another internet user, a certain Tebs wondered about the authenticity of Grégoire Owona's Twitter account. He is astonished at the publications made there. "Please guys, I would like to know if Mr Grégoire OWONA has posted a single message here one day concerning the recruitment, treatment of workers in private structures, working conditions, minimum wage or something important for Cameroonian youth ???", he wrote in response to the tweet from the Sga du Rdpc. 

Recall that it was a month ago that Grégoire Owona tweeted about the upcoming local elections. This tweet was posted after the announcement of the non-participation of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon in the next legislative and municipal elections. "1. My first is the name of an island. 2. My second is a great intellectual who believes he has won the hearts of the Cameroonian people, but dares not come forward to face the electorate. Who am I? ”He tweeted.