Thursday, December 12, 2019

France: A beautiful Cameroonian past lives hurt her during her dowry ceremony

Sophie B, the princess of Douala could not support her own Dot ceremony by realizing that the maternal uncle of her future husband is her ex. With this uncle, she even aborted twice and miscarried. The ceremony was canceled and postponed indefinitely.

The two families reunited to unite the two lovers however concluded that the past remained the past, but the young fiancee could not bear to see his family accept the Dot of his fiance in the presence of his maternal uncle, who was his great love he just a few months ago. 

This uncle had known Sophie during his travels in Cameroon. She had become the owner of the country even managing her property. But a cousin of Sophie, living in France had put a new man in his life, pushing her to travel without the advice of the uncle. 

Sophie B, who knew how to be with a married man in France, had preferred to have a man for herself. It was in her conditions that she landed in France with her current fiancé.

The presence of the uncle has demoralized Sophie B. Surprised to find that the future wife of his nephew, that he has brought to France, is his ex, the uncle remained silent at the ceremony. It was the fiancée who asked for the interruption of the Dot and explained separately the reasons. 

The two families agreed to give the bride and groom a break in the hope that they would return to the best feelings. But already, some members have made their subject of gossip. "He, too, hid his fiancée from the family why? These are the consequences of bringing back to France the sellers of pepper from Cameroon "could we hear.