Monday, December 2, 2019

Former minister 'undress' Paul Biya

"Heard on ÉquinoxeTV: Maurice Kamto reveals that under Ahidjo, Cameroon manufactured bikes and motorcycles brands Solex and Bp, at a time when China was still wondering how to make the bike. All these companies disappeared under Biya. My comment: The long reign of Biya has broken the economic takeoff of Cameroon. An economy yet promised a bright future under the reign of Ahidjo who had managed to hoist Cameroon to the rank of middle-income country before leaving. All that has emerged with Biya is tribalism and poverty against a backdrop of corruption. Really a pity, "writes Arlette Raspberry Doumbe Ding on her wall.

While the Chinese did not know yet how to make a motorcycle, in Cameroon, they made motorcycles, bikes, boats, shoes, ... Cameroon was a developing country, ie a country that by 40 years (ie before 2022), would be a developed country. But that was before, before the Cameroonian ship met the road of a devastating hurricane named Biya, which in less than 40 years brought us back to the middle ages. 

This is the reminder by which MAURICE KAMTO opened the show TRUTH FACE yesterday on the channel Équinoxe Tv. Against the backdrop of controversy over the repatriation of the body of the former president AMADOU AHIDJO, KAMTO, while remaining aware of the failure of his regime, wanted to do justice to its achievements. And this highly promotive record on the economic level, would justify all by itself a massive revolt of the Cameroonians against the regime of "Renewal". Besides, Biya himself, in his inaugural speech, recognized that he inherited a prosperous country in full development. 

The broadcast could have stopped on this record, which alone, therefore, would justify a general revolt against the Cameroonian regime. But in 37As of reign, the regime of the Renewal has so destroyed the Cameroonians that they do not even know who they were before, they have difficulty to believe that they were dignified and respected men in the world. That they had everything to be today a developed country. And in my opinion, if the Cameroonians do not revolt, it is because they have no idea what it would be like to be a developed country, the prospect seems so far away.

In 37 years, the regime has managed to make Cameroonian SARDINARD, a reptilian being, whose horizon of thought is limited to his next meal, a being ready to sell his future and the future of his children in exchange for a tip of bread and a tin of sardines. An animal man, limited to his belly and his belly, a man resigned to the life he undergoes while asking himself "How will we do it?", A man disconnected from reality who refuses to see the reality in which he is crouching and to whom he condemns his children, and who, to forget it, SMOKE OF THE HERB OR BIBLICAL VERSES, SINGING OF CANCELS OR SONGS OF ASS, BOXES, AND BOX EVERY DAY A LITTLE MORE ... But the reality is there, he wades in the mud, hardly feeding his children, and one day, will be swept away by a small insignificant disease ... Here is the sad useless life of the Cameroonian, 

But now the TONTINARD replaced by the SARDINARD, a new type of Cameroonian was born, determined to regain his dignity, carried by a strong ideology, THE RENAISSANCE, and led by a leader, a guide, a visionary, whose calm and serenity reassures the troops, he knows where he leads us and he is determined, his name is Maurice Kamto, follow him.

Reporter: Christian Talla