Friday, December 13, 2019

Extraordinary Session Of Parliament: Paul Biya's Response To Secessionists

After three years of clashes between the defense forces and the separatists in the north-west and south-west regions, an extraordinary session was convened today by the President of the Republic. All eyes are turned to the hemicycle of Ngoa-Ekelle.

The balance is very heavy. Thousands of casualties. Displaced and refugees. Major material damage. For the last three years, the northwestern and southwestern regions have been on economic infusion. The wait has been long. And, the "Suspense! Is at its height. For Cameroon Tribune, A few more hours and the veil will be lifted on the subject of the session which opens today in the National Assembly and the Senate. In the meantime, speculation is well underway in the opinion. Acceleration of decentralization? Special status of the North-West and South-West Regions? Revision of the Constitution? Wait and see. 

For Info Matin, " Paul Biya implements the Great National DialogueThe newspaper went into the secrets to give a point to the agenda of the work of the national representation. This is the bill devoted primarily to the crisis in the northwestern and southwestern regions, inspired by the GDN. And which will be examined from this day by the National Assembly, then the Senate.
This makes the newspaper La Météo that "Paul Biya gives everything in the Northwest and South West" Allocation of more financial resources to the two regions with the bonus of the restoration of the General Assembly of traditional leaders. Among other things are the declensions of the project to be tabled today in parliament. 

The biweekly Evening, speaks of "the triumph of the Great National Dialogue". This Friday, December 13, 2019, starts the extraordinary session of Parliament. Thanks to these highly significant foundations, the "law on decentralized local authorities" will be. Under the great innovation, the position of government delegate disappears.

As for Réalités Plus, " Paul Biya gives a lot to Anglophones ". Under the request of the President of the Republic, the National Assembly and the Senate are convened in extraordinary session today December 13, 2019. On the table of deputies and senators, concordant sources speak of the Code of decentralization to be adopted, with a lot of good news for the populations of the ten Regions, and particularly those in the North West and South West , who will have the biggest and best pieces in view of their critical situation.