Saturday, December 21, 2019

Exclusive: Franck Biya has refused to enter the government because of Chantal Biya

It's an open secret. In several Bulu circles and mainly in Dja and Lobo, we favor a succession of Paul Biya by Frank Biya. Moreover, after the accession of Ali Bongo to power, Bulu dignitaries, including Foumane Akame will ask Paul Biya to see how he will prepare his son to succeed him as did Omar Bongo.

But Frank Biya has two problems. The first is Chantal Biya. With her father's second wife, relations have always been very tense. That's why he kept his distance from the Palace for a long time. Chantal Biya herself is wary of her son-in-law, of whom she is not sure that he could guarantee her the means after the departure of her husband. 

But Frank's second problem is more personal. He likes business. It was not for nothing that he was For a long time the friend of billionaire and businessman Yves Michel Fotso, who made him buy the titles of CAMTEL. Or Alamine Ousmane MEY, the current Minister of the Economy of Planning and Development, former finance minister, former boss of Afriland First Bank and considered his protégé. Not to mention its connections in business circles in Gabon or Côte d'Ivoire and its bank accounts housed in tax havens. 

However, for Paul Biya it was not enough. Fully aware that he is losing his abilities, Paul Biya brings his son Frank Biya and offers him an entrance into his government. Frank is against it. His father insists and his son says: I can not enter your government because you are a dictator and it would not be good for my business. Paul Biya can not believe it, but he listens and understands his son.

Several weeks will pass before he relies on someone from outside: an ambassador stationed in Yaounde. During an informal audience, Paul Biya asks the diplomat if he is a dictator? Naturally the diplomat is embarrassed by such a question coming from his host. He seeks to know more and asks him: why the "president"? To Paul Biya to answer: I proposed to my son to enter the government and he refused on the pretext that I was a dictator. The ambassador to answer him that there are democratic points to improve in his governance. 

Has Frank Biya changed his mind in the meantime? The answer is to look for the side of Chantal Biya (TO FOLLOW...).

Reporter: Boris Bertolt