Sunday, December 29, 2019

Etoudi: problem for Paul Biya over the purchase of 1.5 billion drink

A collective of the Cameroonian diaspora is asking French companies to verify the origin of the funds and the regularity of the operation aimed at delivering alcoholic beverages for the sum to the President of the Cameroonian Republic.

By a correspondent dated December 24, 2019, of which EcoMatin had a copy, a group of people calling themselves "Collective of associations of the Cameroonian diaspora in France" seized three French companies for a very curious request. "We would like to warn you against this constitutive operation of money laundering and receiving stolen money to the detriment of the Cameroonian people. French laws compel you to verify the legality of the funds of those who buy large quantities of products in your companies, ”we can read in this letter addressed concomitantly to Cognac, Global Fine wi and SAS de Morillons de la Bertonniere. 

The Collective adds: "by refraining from doing so and if you have already received and executed such orders, you will be criminally prosecuted in France for money laundering and receiving money laundering". 

This request is in reaction to a document that circulated on social networks just before Christmas. According to the said document, the director general of the budget at the Ministry of Finance asked the tax collector of the Cameroonian embassy in France to make the necessary arrangements for the payment, to the companies mentioned above, of the payment of nearly 1.5 billion FCFA. This sum represents, emphasizes the same document, the amount of an invoice for the purchase of drinks for the end of year celebrations on behalf of the Presidency of the Republic.

Obviously, it has gone viral on social networks, raising the wrath of many Cameroonians who condemn the opulence of the leaders of their country, especially at the Palace of Unity, seat of the presidency, while at the same time, a much of the people are struggling to have clean water. Opinion eventually split, with some observers arguing that the correspondence attributed to the CEO of the Budget should be placed in the category of "fakenews". 

On the protocol level, they believe, it is not the tax collector of the Embassy of Cameroon in Paris to provide this purchase of wine, but rather the stewardship of the Presidency of Cameroon. This service organizes and ensures official receptions at the Presidency (lunches, dinners, cocktails). Stewardship (notably made up of butlers, cooks), we learn, for example, has the prerogative of contracting with the various suppliers of its service.