Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Etoudi: Paul and Chantàl Biya in dangerr! By Boris Bertolt, Learn more

We are currently in the midst of an international crisis with the Anglophone issue being debated at the United Nations, the US Congress and the English Parliament. Even if all these chancelleries condemn the violence perpetrated by all the camps, they know today that the determination of the Anglophones poses many risks not only on the stability of Cameroon, but also on all the sub-region where geostrategy the crisis of a conflagration from Cameroon is not to be excluded.

But even Paris, which for more than 30 years has kept Biya in power, sees its mandate as a major risk. But what will happen? What cards will the tactician Biya fall back on? Because remember the mistake to never do is to despise him. He is a formidable man when he is cornered. 

But, for 25 years in Africa the US interference officially in most cases and especially since the Clinton presidency are to be taken very seriously. 

1. President George W. Bush to Liberian President Charles Taylor: 

"Mr Taylor must leave Liberia now ..." A few months later, Charles Taylor was in handcuffs, and in The Hague. 

2. President Obama to Laurent Gbagbo: "Mr. The president, leave the power, and we will assure you a post of teacher in a prestigious university in Boston... "We know the continuation.

3. The Mobutu case ... with Clinton. Ambassador Bill Richardson explicitly asked him to leave. He was cleared like a mess. 

In Angola, Savimbi, whom they supported for a long time and who refused to stop the war, was killed. Omar El Bashir refused to leave, they imposed on him the partition of the country. 

What will President Biya always have one or two cards in his bag. But two things are certain: the Anglophone crisis and its age, nearly 90 years are its main adversaries. 

Recall that Paul Biya is guarded by the Israelis who can not refuse anything to the Americans. It is the American president who will have done the most for them for 25 years they can not refuse him anything. Not to mention the young Macron who avoids the limit Biya. The Ndamba may have just begun but do not underestimate the lion-man.