Thursday, December 12, 2019

Etoudi: a new threat hooks over the Biya regime

Take a good look at these two men. On the left you have conservative Boris Johnson and right Labor Jeremy Corbyn. By Friday we will know who of these two men is the future British prime minister. However on one side or the other it is not good for the Yaoundé regime and Paris knows it.

In truth, what is at stake in Cameroon is democracy. Because if there was democracy, respect for freedom and good governance, Anglophones would never have taken up arms. This is why the current political crisis orchestrated by Maurice Kamto will do very badly to this regime. How do people who have a secession on the hand want to go to an election without their main opponent. This election will not be recognized. Neither by the international community nor even by ambazonia. In fact, in the current context, elections are useless. 

But in a few months the regime of Paul Biya will not only back the United States but also Britain. Because If Boris Johnson is elected he will solve the Brexit issue quickly and will be interested in other international issues and with his friend Donald Trump in power in the United States, the situation will inevitably harden. 

More Jeremy Corbyn is even more dangerous because it is basically an activist and a defender of democracy and human rights. From then on it will have no trouble supporting international pressure or sanctions against Yaoundé.

In fact, the cunning of Yaoundé will soon reach its limits. France knows it and told Biya yesterday. The entry of Great Britain into a war against Biya with the parliamentarians currently pressuring the British government will definitively open the way to sanctions. 

Nothing is finished until it's over.

Reporter: Boris Bertolt