Monday, December 30, 2019

Etoudi: Negotiations between the Ambazonians and Paul Biya stalled

A delegation from the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) was to go to Cameroon at the end of November to meet the government there, but the government canceled the meeting sine die.

According to our sources, Yaoundé does not intend to participate in talks with the Ambazonians until he has implemented the measures resulting from the Great National Dialogue in October (in particular the special status for the regions English speakers) and that local elections have not been organized (in February). 

Two opposing camps at the presidential palace

Even after these deadlines, the holding of talks remains uncertain: the separatists are divided and, at the presidential palace, two camps clash. On the one hand, the supporters of a hard line, rather opposed to dialogue and represented by Samuel Mvondo Ayolo, the director of the civil cabinet, and by Joseph Dion Ngute, the Prime Minister. On the other, a more open fringe, embodied by Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, the secretary general of the presidency. 

Abroad, mediation also has its supporters and its detractors: the United States is very favorable, while France is rather opposed to it.