Wednesday, December 4, 2019

English-speaking lawyers warming up for strike

The lawyers of Common Law are preparing to observe a strike in protest against a recent draft law on languages ​​presented to Parliament and will be debated on Wednesday.

According to English-speaking lawyers, French judges will be protected by this law if they preside over a hearing in an English-speaking area. Common law lawyers will also have the right to chair sessions in English, even in a civil law area. 

"The bill on the promotion of Cameroon's two official languages ​​makes the special status expected for the English-speaking regions absurd, which also affects French teachers," said SDF lawyer Henry Kemende.

According to the main Cameroon daily, The Guardian Post, "the form of the demonstration is not yet known, it will be determined when they meet today in the premises of the court". 

The newspaper goes on to quote lawyer Akum Michael, treasurer of the Bar Council: the cause of the strike in 2016". 

The joint protest of the lawyers intervenes at the same time as that of the teachers of the University of Bamenda who protest against the security situation in their institution and in the city as a whole.