Saturday, December 14, 2019

Elections Postponement: Ferdinand relative announced next action

It was Jean-Marie Vianny Nde Ngoh, the kid brother to Paul Biya's SGPR who is very active on social media networks that reveals the plans of the government to postpone the forthcoming election scheduled for February 09, 2019.

In conclusion, he made the reconciliation between the declaration of the former Minister of Sport Ismaël Bidoug Pkwatt, within the framework of the organization of the African Cup of Nations (CAN 2019), and Paul Atanga Nji the current Minister of Territorial Administration reaffirming the holding of the poll on the said day.

Below are the entire publication of Jean-Marie Vianny Nde Ngoh;

Each time that Atanga Nji affirms on the television channels that the elections will take place on February 9, it reminds us of the shattering declarations of Bidoug Pkwatt about the CAN 2019 in Cameroon. 

Bidoung Pkwatt surrounded the Cameroonians and this is exactly what Atanga Nji is doing today when he declares that: "If the Head of State called the February elections, it is because he knows that the conditions are together since he read the reports of the governors and of Élécam... " 

However, we know very well that on the ground in the NOSO, neither Okalia Bilai the governor of the Southwest, nor Lélé Africa the governor of the Northwest, never move on their territory of command, without being hidden in a military tank and under very strong escort of the defense forces. 

Besides, a week ago there, a soldier was killed and another injured in the escort of a prefect who was going to install a sub-prefect in a locality completely deserted by the populations, in a sub-prefecture transformed into an entrenched and fortified camp.

Atanga Nji can go out there as he wants, it will not change the reality on the ground, followed precisely by American satellites, day after day. 

Remember that the Americans see everything that happens on the ground, day and night, and the American administration informs the American Congress minute by minute, hence Trump's intransigence against BIYA and its regime on the holding of said elections. 

Conclusion, these coupled elections of February 9 will not take place: 

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