Saturday, December 14, 2019

Elections: The CPDM deputies who turn their backs on Biya and support Kamto

"We cannot go to the elections under current conditions because people continue to be kidnapped in the North-West and South-West Regions" estimates the honorable Joseph Kankeu, deputy CPDM, the party in power.

The parliamentarians who closed on December 11, 2019, the 3rd and last ordinary session of the 2019 legislative year, were immediately summoned again for an extraordinary session which begins yesterday Friday, December 13. Pending the lifting of secrecy on the subject of the urgent convening of an extraordinary session of parliament at the request of the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, assumptions and proposals are filling the wait. 

The Honorable Joseph Kankeu, MPP RDPC, thinks that the special session should make it possible to find solutions to the English-speaking crisis before the organization of the legislative and municipal elections scheduled for February 09, 2020. "We cannot go to the elections under the conditions because people continue to be kidnapped in the North West and South West Regions. If the right solutions are taken during the special session, certainly peace can return. Even if a special status must be granted to the North-West and South-West Regions, it is necessary to go through the revision of the law of 2004. You cannot call a special session to postpone the elections. But, the work that can be done during this session, can, 

“If he could have a priority during this extraordinary session, it can only be the arrangements to be made for the implementation of the resolutions of the great national dialogue. That is to say, allow elected officials to reflect on certain conclusions of the great national dialogue. This session is convened to meet the expectations of Cameroonians, “added the Honorable Ibrahim Aboubakar, another RDPC deputy. He was elected from the constituency of Faro-et-Déo in the Adamawa region.

On the opposition side, Maurice Kamto, the main opponent of the regime, recommends to President Paul Biya, to have the deputies vote, a law which allows him to postpone the elections to first settle the English-speaking crisis definitively. “We have to solve the problems. He still has the opportunity today. I have just learned that there is an extraordinary session of parliament which has been called for December 13. It would be wise during this parliamentary session to pass a law which extends the mandate of municipal councilors and current deputies, from six to 12 months, to settle the fundamental problems and reschedule the elections which will bring peace and peace. serenity on the Cameroonian political scene "suggested Maurice Kamto during an interview with France 24. 

In the constitution, it is stated that the parliament meets in extraordinary session for a maximum duration of 15 days. Therefore, the session which begins on December 13 will be closed no later than December 28, 2019.