Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Elections: Atanga Nji disappoints Cabral Libii amidst his threat of boycott

For Atanga Nji, is out of the question to violate the electoral law to grant additional time to candidates.

On Monday, December 2, RenĂ© Emmanuel Sadi, Minister of Communication (Mincom) and Paul Atanga Nji, Minister of Territorial Administration, met the media to announce the effective holding of elections on February 9, 2020. 

RenĂ© Emmanuel Sadi said that the convocation of the electorate is a response of the Head of State to the expectations of a people conscious and jealous of its sovereignty. 

Faced with the attitude of some political parties that threaten to boycott the deadline, Paul Atanga Nji, was keen to recall the provisions of the law by being clear: "This is not a breeze. The legal provisions in this area are clear. They impose a fortnight after the convocation of the electorate to each political party to file their lists of candidates. No party is exempt from this rule. You can not ask for one thing and the opposite. We can not ask the public authorities to violate the law in this area. It is imposed on all the electoral actors who were to work according to the electoral calendar, and in particular the fact that after two extensions, as far as the municipal elections are concerned, it would now be difficult to ask for a new prorogation, "the minister told the media. The remarks are probably addressed to Cabral Libii, president of the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation (PCRN).

The young opponent has indeed asked Elecam, to give "exceptionally" a new deadline of 15 days for the filing of the lists of candidacy. 

On the role of the administrative authorities accused of having favored the candidates of a political party (RDPC), Paul Atanga Nji raises all ambiguity: "These recriminations were brought to our attention. Did the candidates of the party in question have a mention that indicated their membership of that political party? I do not think so. All the candidates presented pieces of files that required a minimum of checks. This was binding on all political parties.