Monday, December 9, 2019

Elections: All candidates are expected to present their files to the Constitutional Council

This exercise gives the advantage to the candidates. Because their files can be reconstituted in case of dispute or rejection at Election's Cameroon

Most of the candidates invested by their respective political parties in the two municipal and legislative elections of 09 February 2020 have already submitted a copy of their nomination file to the Constitutional Council. 

If some of them still lag behind, Me Hadjoda, Chief Clerk, told our colleagues in Cameroon Tribune that many political parties like the RDPC, the SDF, the UDC, the UPC, the PCRN, PADDEC, CARC, and even BRIC have already complied with this exercise. According to information gathered from one of their sources, our colleagues in Cameroon Tribune explain that "once a file received, it is thoroughly checked in the presence of the user, the goal is to ensure that all the component parts of the file are included. A folder on behalf of the candidate is then opened and an acknowledgment of receipt is given to the person who files the documents. This after the instruction of the document in a register prepared for the cause.

For Chief Clerk Hamadjoda, it is more than imperative for each candidate to submit a copy of his nomination file to the Constitutional Council. Because, "the candidates have the advantage that these can be reconstituted in the event of dispute or rejection at the level of election's Cameroon". Moreover, as informed by the newspaper headed by Marie Claire Nana "The electoral code has in its article 164, paragraph 2 that the declaration of candidacy is deposited and registered against receipt, the general direction of the elections or the level of the departmental dismemberment Elecam of the constituency concerned. A copy thereof shall be immediately forwarded to the Constitutional Council by the candidate or the representative against acknowledgment of receipt. " 

However, even if the law does not set a deadline for submitting copies of nomination files to the Constitutional Council, no file will be admissible on Monday next, when the lists of candidates will be published by ELECAM.