Thursday, December 5, 2019

Elections 2020: What is Maurice Kamto preparing for Paul Biya?

Never forget that the power of Yaoundé organized the political death of the MRC through a construction of the correspondences between the existence of the MRC and the specter of an insurrection.

The government is working tirelessly to criminalize the membership of the MRC, the production of a fright vis-à-vis this party. The permanent logic of constructing the figure of the inner enemy is the object of the strategy of the political elimination of the party of Maurice KAMTO. 

But what needs to be understood is the increasingly outdated nature of this strategy in the age of communication. Government communication lacks coherence, since the elimination of a political actor consists in the ability to put it out of the spotlight, but in this case the MRC is the target of the projectors, including and especially at the time of its expulsion to the margin of the race track. The image corresponds to regiments of commandos tirelessly firing at the shell on a hearse. 

Never have any political party and politician been so slandered as the MRC and its leader. The arrest and incarceration of the latter and the militants with the relevant role proceeded from a maneuver of political killing through methods of humiliation and designation of the social deviant. Except that on the contrary, the mixtures and confusion between the political scene and the scene of cannibalism have had the opposite effect. 

The political scene is a scene of adversity and not a scene of enmity. The resulting confusion has shown that even after organizing the death of a political actor, it is constantly demonized, humiliated, accused of the failures of several decades of governance.

Hold an illustration, the day the first vice-president of the MRC is seized and tortured at the central prison of Yaoundé after the movement of mood of the prisoners, what was the interest to take in image and publish this photo of Mamadou MOTA naked, abused and in a bad way, if not to humiliate him. 

Only the feeling of bitterness and sadness aroused in a fit of pity enhanced the victim and his party in a spirit of solidarity that transposed this image to that of Patrice Emery LUMUMBA in a similar situation. As a result, the mobilization of the national hero categories is granted to the actors of the MRC. Political prison as a major lever of dictatorships has been tamed and transformed as a leaven for national and international endowment for the MRC and its leader as a political party. It is a verifiable fact that the peaks in membership growth inserted in the MRC correspond to the periods of incarceration, liberation of the militant political prisoners of the MRC. 

When this political party decided, against all odds, not to take part in the local elections of February 9, 2020, some people soon described this choice as suicidal. But the reasons for the non-participation are so intelligible and perceptible by all that the Cameroonians in a progressive majority recognize themselves in this decision of the MRC. It is not an empty boycott, but a conditioning on which the territorial and popular integrity of the country depends. This is the serious resolution of the NOSO crisis through an inclusive dialogue with relevant actors and topics, including the topic on the form of the state. It is also the reform of the electoral system through the adoption of a consensual electoral code. 

If not, how does a party that commits suicide incite adhesions and the creation of new units?

Source: camrbe