Friday, December 20, 2019

Elections 2020: the verdict of certain appeals you need to know

Below, some awards made by the administrative courts and the Constitutional Council during the pre-electoral litigation hearings.

Begun at the end of the morning of Thursday, December 19, 2019, these hearings were still continuing in the early hours of Friday, December 20 in some courts. 

At the Constitutional Council which held its solemn hearing for the settlement of pre-electoral disputes at its seat at the Palais des Congrès in Yaoundé, the judges ruled on 55 appeals, including 20 for the only party UPC (Union of the People of Cameroon) where a leadership struggle , led two factions to deposit with ELECAM two lists for the legislative ones in several electoral districts. 

The Honorable Robert Bapooh Lipot, Secretary General of the UPC is the leader of the faction opposed to Pierre Baleguel Nkot, also presented as Secretary General of the same political party. 

Despite this battle, the Constitutional Council overturned the rejection of the UPC list for the districts of Mfoundi, Haute Sanaga, Sanaga Maritime and East Wouri. Consequently, ELECAM, the body in charge of organizing the elections, receives the order to rehabilitate the lists of the UPC faction Pierre Baleguel Nkot for the constituencies mentioned above. The Constitutional Council confirmed, however, the rejection of the UPC list for the district of Mbere, Adamawa Region for lack of security.

A good part of the appeals filed by the UPC were still awaiting the verdict of the Constitutional Council at the time of finishing this article.

But, before opening the voluminous file of requests from the crab party, the high court had already ruled on other appeals. It is noted that the list of the CPDM in Boyo, North-West region was rejected because it did not meet the conditions linked to the gender criterion. The SDF who had seized the council to raise the absence of a statutory quota of women in the list of the party in power, was thus successful. In addition, the council chaired by Clément Atangana, ordered ELECAM to rehabilitate the list of the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation (PCRN) of Cabral Libii, in the electoral district of Wouri East in the Littoral region. In this same district, the high court declared, on the other hand, ineligible, the candidate Herve Emmanuel Nkom of the CPDM for dual nationality.

In the administrative courts for the pre-electoral litigation of the municipal elections, the examination of appeals, several hundred in total, has been dragging on since yesterday Thursday… But, we already know that at the Western Administrative Court in Bafoussam, the judge pronounced five rejections including that of the list of the PCRN in Galim, led by Madame Fatou. The CPDM, which requested this rejection, presents this lady as still being her activist. "She nevertheless regularly resigned from her party" is surprised Cabral Libii, president of the PCRN, now helpless before the verdict rendered as a last resort. The Bafoussam administrative court also pronounced two disqualifications before ordering the rehabilitation of the list of UMS in Baku.

After this pre-electoral dispute, we will follow the electoral campaign which starts on January 25, 2020 and ends the day before the double legislative and municipal ballot scheduled for February 09, 2020.