Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Elections 2020: Elimbi Lobe pleading for 20 million

One more month, and the campaign for the double ballot, legislative and municipal of February 2020, will be officially launched.

Abel Elimbi Lobe is already inviting his "friends" to put his hand in his pocket, he wishes to mobilize the necessary financial resources to enable him to fight his campaign to gain access to the hemicycle. To this end, it has set itself the task of raising 20 million CFA francs. 

The former SDF municipal councilor at the town hall of Douala 5th, is a candidate for deputation. He will lead the Kawtal, Wouri-Center list, under the banner of the Movement of Cameroonian Ecologists (MEC). But, Abel Elimbi Lobe is well aware that becoming a deputy in Cameroon is not easy. He's going to have to fight very hard. The thorny problem, mobilize funds to beat the campaign. 

In an outing on his Facebook page, Elimbi Lobe expresses his gratitude to all those who have given him financial assistance so that he can submit his list of candidates. In the process, he urges the same donors to contribute, this time for the campaign which is due to start on January 25, 2020. Who says thank you asks for more. This saying sufficiently illustrates the approach of Abel Elimbi Lobè.

“I now ask you to accompany me on the electoral campaign for the triumph of the ideas that I carry and that you share with me. I hope that this electoral campaign is also yours ... I hope that you are there, with me in this final phase to make them win, "writes the former SDF official. 

“My budget is around 20 million CFA francs. I hope that all my friends will help me to succeed in this very edifying fight… your contribution will be for me, a precious collaboration ”, he continues, indicating that the contacts of the contributions are 693 22 42 70, for orange money, and 677 05 31 82, for Mobile money.