Monday, December 30, 2019

Dschang: Fire accident at the university city

file photo

It was in the university city that the disaster started on Friday evening, before spreading to the popular Haoussa district, generating abundant smoke which required the evacuation of several buildings.

It was the smoke that gave the alert, this Friday, December 27, shortly before 8:30 p.m., in a building of the university city of Dschang before spreading to the populous district of Haoussa. Here the occupants only had time to escape from the flames that were spreading at cruising speed. 

Even before the flames were brought under control, evacuation was started, ie some 7 houses concerned. Fortunately, not all of them were busy during this holiday season. While we are there a second alert is given to a few stone throws from the previous one. It's the stampede in the city. Another block of the building in the same quarter of an hour had just caught fire at the "rondo" or "Rond point Djoumessi Mathias". 

Once again, the inhabitants have recovered nothing from their property. Only the sleeping children were taken out in extremis before the flames ignited the building. Some occupants like the students who live there were absent. They will only have their eyes to cry when they get there.

Too many fires that arouse anger in populations. They say they are neglected to themselves, therefore daily exposed to possible risks without being able to count on the intervention of bodies specialized in interventions of this kind, in particular the body of firefighters whose only base hitherto existing in the region is only that of Bafoussam. 

However in 2017, the government announced the opening of a fire brigade unit in Dschang. 3 years later… Nothing!