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Demonic practice in Etoudi: heartbreaking confessions of Paul Biya's relatives

Drinking fresh human blood is especially exciting for the whims of demons. " Philosophy or witchcraft: Titus Edzoa reveals himself...

Philosophy or witchcraft: Titus Edzoa unveils "Drink fresh from human blood, it is particularly exciting for the whims of demons" The book published by the former Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, imprisoned for more than 15 years at the State Secretariat for Defense (Sed), is the summary of an intellectual cogitation of a free man of mind, despite all the humiliation suffered since his imprisonment. 

A troubling work. The greatest brutal dictatorships in history have always dreaded free-spirited men. We can proceed to the most stupid of repressions, operate the most violent of the rollers, activate the most infamous of human barbarities, and especially mount the most horrible brainwashing ploys, difficult to change conviction a man who is wants to be freed from the spirit. 

Professor Titus Edzoa is certainly one of those men who are spiritually out of control, and who know how to assume their ideas and actions, even though, like Socrates, a great reference in the history of philosophy, they were bitterly invited to drink hemlock. We must read his book "Meditations of prison (Yaoundé, Cameroon). Echoes of my silences ", recently published by Karthala to be built. 

The booklet is prefaced by Odile Tobner. The brave and indefatigable protector of human rights, widow of the venerable writer Mongo Beti, warns the reader immediately: "The meditations that he (Pr Titus Edzoa Ndlr) gives us, on his experience of captivity, solitude, but also on the speculative themes of numbers, of God, are all marked by the lucidity, the clarity, the clarity resulting from the mastery of the spirit and the speech which are his, far from the fantasies and the lucubrations that weak minds can conceive in contact with realities that crush them". 

It is to say that in the suffering which is his for 15 years, born from the morbid will of the tragedies of the "justice of the powerful", decided to crush it, Pr Titus Edzoa remained standing and emancipated of spirit.

Thus, in the silence of the "black hole" which serves him as cell, in this "prison" which he had the honor to inaugurate 15 years ago, he sends through this book, his detractors, his detractors, but especially his executioners (those who toil daily in the work of the attempt of his annihilation, but also to their sponsors), the troubling intellectual message he remains lucid.

Teachings "Meditations of Prison" in its 155 pages is easy to read, certainly. But the message of each chapter, of each sentence is dense. In fact, Professor Titus Edzoa gives a lesson in life. 

That of his life in prison. In short, a set of lessons on life. Like a Carthusian monk who scrutinizes every day the cry of the birds at sunrise, the rhythm of the beats of his heart and the sound noises that manage to reach him from the outside world, Titus Edzoa has evaluated each day for 15 years now, the yapping roaches, rustling mice, and the constant buzzing of mosquitoes. 

This has produced this series of meditations on prison, torture, gendarme, justice, politics, silence, mysticisms, the mysteries of numbers; or on concepts like destiny, life and death, money and happiness, love, "God", the Epiphany of a face, time ... If we are all admiring to the quality at both aesthetic and depressed to write it of this intellectual who studied in Italy, seat par excellence of the humanities, one is equally seduced by the depth of his thought on the concepts he submits to reflection. 

Pr Titus Edzoa does not use buzzwords, as some do in the literature of thuriferous and other absurd zealists, much like to impress their contemporaries. He writes using words that convey his freedom of thought, and the depth of his thought. Thus, politics, the former minister of higher education takes time to translate the simultaneous meaning. "Politics, elusive nebula as diffuse as the universe, as old as History, as complex as Humanity!... It is defined sometimes as a science, sometimes as an art, or both at the same time... adret for some, ubac for others.. (...) In his name, only contradictions, clashes, wars, tortures, defeats, victories! ... The happiness of some misfortune others. "

Just as when the author explains the mysteries of numbers, we are impressed to see him "teaching" basic mathematics with the purpose of making our understanding available to interpret an intentionally hidden reality. Finally, you learn a lot from the book that Titus Edzoa has just made. Especially on everything that characterizes the power of Paul Biya who keeps Cameroon and Cameroonians on bail for 30 years now. 

In particular, how money degrades some senior regime clerks to the point of dehumanizing them. Or, how some to access power go so far as to drink human blood (read the Good Leaves) and indulge in sacrifices of a horror that has no name. In reality, this book could well have been called "Philosophical Meditations of a Prisoner", so much the author is bogged down in the reflection on all the questions and subjects, which all relate to the essence and the existence of Man. 

The Cameroonians who read it will certainly have the opportunity to indulge in reflection and find this ephemeral world. Certainly also future generations, those of here or elsewhere, will sooner or later be able to read this book in a school program, here or elsewhere. Jean Francois CHANNON Titus Edzoa, "Meditations of Prison", Editions Karthala, April 2012, 155 pages, 15,000 FCFA. 

"Good leaves: Titus Edzoa, the occultism and the Biya system Drink fresh human blood, it is particularly exciting for the whims of the demons, tired of the languorous divine sirens, too demanding and jealous, it is incubated, to deprive of their virginity nymphets as lascivious as naïve: 

it provides youth in perpetuity; to practice homosexuality as a ritual of purification and allegiance is a high discriminatory distinction for the reputation of the supposedly prestigious brotherhood; to commit epic and suicidal nocturnal fights in the astral plane on "flying carpet planes", stuffed with incendiary missiles, the dreaded enemy eliminating itself only at night, to taste human flesh that has been smothered with ambrosia for eternity; to give a sacrifice to the brotherhood and, in turn, the most beloved of his relatives, is to strengthen the solidarity and respectability of the group; to organize sabbatical masses, very black in color, to challenge the Almighty God surrounded by his cohort of saints, blessed and consorts;

to agree with Lucifer, the doubly known devil, the most feared because the most formidable, as a sign of pride to be his torch of the incarnation of evil; Fornicate with female cadavers, for lack of harpies particularly dull, it gives fishing and courage; to drink from hallucinogenic coctions is assured access to the realm of ancestors, eternal guardians of wisdom; to consult old grimoires, to discover there magic formulas: thus with the card can one kill with the envi, before perishing oneself happy, filled with a violent death.., 

as it seems, every "mystic" always dies of a violent death, and every violent death unmasks "all camouflaged mysticism"...; Ablutions, public baths in Adam's clothes and enemas of various peels, combined with pepper and pepper strength, in explosive cocktails, that is "armored", immune to spells of all kinds, making invulnerable to all bullets and arrows poisoned, visible or invisible, at all attacks, day and night; to make oneself invisible by "passwords", with the faculty, the power of preventively destroying the other, and that in an ostentatious manner, for the secret could obscure the power; to possess the soul of the other, at the same time to enjoy the privilege of the power to exorcise, for one must be a bit devil to overthrow the devil; to pass through the cracks of the walls, the palaces of the locks, in demonstration of the power of ubiquity... And many other feats, many other nonsense, again and again! Stripper and phantasmagorical, it is an empire that is permanently transformed from the most astonishing illusion to an alleged reality, overwhelmed by ignorance and obscurantism! And for causes? 

To acquire, it seems, ever more power, more power, in order to possess, to accumulate wealth, in the ostentation that terrifies; to dominate everything and to dominate all; access to the most prestigious functions of the society, where money and material goods would be the glorious and mirobolous result of a successful life of so-called happiness!!! Kingdom of occultism, empire of witchcraft. This is how, alas, mysticism is perceived in a society stuffed with ignorance and helplessness, victim of deleterious and subtly distilled mental poisoning, under the bewildering yoke of obscurantist forces! 

"Contemporary man seeks pleasure without happiness, happiness without science and science without wisdom", said already, about a century ago, Edouard Schure... This realm of fantasies comprises three large interdependent groups: The first it is made up of all these charlatans and myriads of wizards, authors and sellers of illusions at auction; exalted by a self-contemplation and by an uncommon narcissism, they attribute themselves to alleged Cyclopean powers; it may be that some of them had stealthy access, at a few moments of their existence, to certain aspects of the universal laws, without any control; and in a marked ignorance, they use it, manipulating them dangerously at their peril, to scamper, haunt, harass, to take hostage their victims too gullible and helpless; for selfish ends, they pretend to be patented chants of "magic", obsessed by their own turpitudes, fears, anxieties and repressed defeats...

What a cynical courage! The second group: it includes individuals of all kinds also, affiliated to movements or organizations religious or not, allegedly altruistic and charitable, at least respectable and sometimes recognized in the world; they are distinguished by violent and dilatory verbal flights, opposing faith and reason, amalgamating knowledge and knowledge, fanaticism and truth, violence and redemption, distilling also, since their appearance societal or clerical hegemony and condescension, the mental venom of fear and the condemnation that "assassinates" the unruly soul. 

In a shamefully hypocritical attitude, they confuse two diametrically opposed worlds, reveling in demonizing, in all their skins, the authentic mysticism, revealing phantasmagoric party, of the same nature as the first, which they claim yet to denounce the escapades. Their extreme and tireless violence is as surprising as it is suspicious: the permanent attraction of the illusory charlatanic world would inexorably dry up the theories of their increasingly scattered chapels. An attitude that resolutely takes on the appearance of a merciless struggle of hegemony, far from the redeeming and oblique charity, chanted by these dangerous exalts. This group is at least as harmful as the first. The third and the last group: 

it is this anonymous mass, encompassing all those beings weakened by the harsh experiences of life, sometimes plunged into the abyss of helplessness and despair, and seeking easy, even miraculous solutions to their problems. From their infancy to this unhealthy, hypocritical and ignorant environment, their poisonous and unbalanced mind gradually became saturated with patterns of horror and fear, becoming enslaved by fantasies and hostage to a bewildering trickery. 

They are privileged victims as much of the first as of the second group, a profitable clientele at a high price, in spite of their dignity and their naive sincerity ... That is what the mysticism can not be! That's what mysticism is not!