Thursday, December 5, 2019

CPDM elections: war is waged between elites in Etoudi

Put in front of the scene in favor of his appointment to the post of DCC, Samuel Mvondo Ayolo, never stops undergoing the fire fed by the affidés of his predecessor who do not miss any opportunity to vilify him by transferring the facts weapon of the latter who was reputed in forgery and use of forgery, as evidenced by the many scandals that have furnished his magisterium. Otherwise, how to explain this cabal in order against him for two weeks where mixing free jealousy and nostalgia, the affidés or those who take the place, are literally to regret the prebends that distributed to them by turn their demiurge to shoot red balls on his successor by affixing it with all the names of birds.

In their posthumous kilav exercise, they do not take offense at grooming their language, which betrays their visceral hatred of the DCC; hoping to rehabilitate a memory that many Cameroonians want to see forever erased, given the multiform crimes that have been attributed to him and the most abject are not those of the prelates of the Catholic Church which he will be yet served as a screen to silence his insanities. fortunately, by tracing the rather tortuous course of the one he would like us to celebrate beyond the grave, we rather realize that it will have been just a curiosity in the wake of the Head of State that we know looking on the intrinsic quality of his close associates, as Samuel Mvondo Ayolo is ineluctably unlike his predecessor of whom we know nothing, except when he is credited with any academic course, sanctioned by any parchment. In other words, two rather antinomic personalities that only the function would have approximated somewhat.

Moreover, his rather sulphurous past earned him an unprecedented sanction, the refusal for the Catholic Church, which he said he would serve while he was raging there at the requiem Mass that was to be held in the minor Basilica of Mvolyé. but between villainous crimes like that of the young student Narcisse Olivier Djomo (sodomized then defenestrated the eighth floor of the Yaounde Hilton on August 21, 2006). This one will have written the darkest pages of the Civil Cabinet relegating Language Thopni of sad reputation to the rank of apprentice sorcerer. And, to further darken the picture, we are presented with drums and bugle as a "Principal Civilian Outside Scale." Second achievement worthy of a perpetual last class, having managed to alienate the power and authority traditionally recognized at all CCD.