Sunday, December 15, 2019

CPDM Crisis: 50 activists of CPDM party from the Mbéré-Center resigned

A group of supporters of the RDPC, Rassemblement Démocratique du Peuple Camerounais, resigns from the ruling party. It is by way of a bailiff that these people notified, Monday, December 9, 2019, their desire to leave the political party, because of a lack of collaboration and non-consultation of the base of the party.

The letter was addressed to the president of the Mbéré-Center section, Aboubakar Kombo. She was notified by 50 members of the CPDM who notified their collective resignation. "We deposit our collective resignations in your political structures, for lack of collaboration and animation, and of non consultation of the base of the party", one can read. 

The disagreement during the investitures at the origin of these resignations?

This decision would be due to the frustrations generated by the investitures for the legislative and municipal elections on February 9. The RDPC section of Mbéré-Center, for its part, took note. “It is the result of the disagreement during the investitures and all the other frictions in our party which is at the origin of these resignations. And if there is no response from the high authorities of our party to try to reconcile the activists, there could be a sanction vote. It is therefore urgent that serenity returns home. It is up to the permanent departmental delegation of Mbéré to initiate this process, with the sub-sections and the section. It is a question of returning to the field to explain to each other what happened and ask them to wait. 

Unease is very present within the party in Mbéré. But for some executives, the time is to strengthen ties and not to divide. ““ The section took note of these resignations. But we are not worried if we return to the field to re-mobilize the militants. We operate on the basis of statistics and know our realities… ”, analyzes a manager.