Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Couple Set To Divorce In Abide To Unite With Catholic Church

Married 12 years ago under the regime of polygamy, a couple wants to dissolve his union. He wishes to celebrate their religious marriage to the Catholic Church, but, the previous choice of their matrimonial regime is an obstacle. The priest of the parish advises them to divorce.

Yet they sat side by side until their case was called. When it was their turn to appear before the Judge of the Court of First Instance ( TPD ) of Yaoundé on November 20, Emmanuel and Sonia advanced a reassuring step, arms disappointed below, all beautiful and all smiling. Nobody could imagine that they are in the process of divorce, until the reason for their presence is evoked by the court. Emmanuel filed a petition for divorce before this court. He wants to put an end to his marriage with Sonia his wife and mother of his three children still young.

Curiously, no reason for divorce was mentioned in the act of referral. Why do you seek a divorce? At once questioned the judge. Emmanuel was speechless for a moment, before retorting. "In fact, Madam Chair, we do not want to divorce." An embarrassing answer, which created confusion in the mind of the court and the litigants present in the courtroom. For the record, it was in 2006, during a baptism organized by the husband's family that Emmanuel and Sonia met for the first time. Throughout the reception, they did not leave each other's eyes. At the end of the gala, the lovers met at a restaurant in the square, a question for them to get to know each other better. They then decided to give themselves a chance, although customarily distinct.

Emmanuel is from the Western Region, and Sonia is from Beti tradition. It was in May 2012 that they decided to formalize their relationship in a civil status center in the city of Yaoundé. They opted for the regime of polygamy and the community of property. Since that day, the two lovebirds never leave each other and live a real love story. The Cameroonian portal of Belgium ( Three children are still minors born of this idyll, and Sonia expects a fourth offspring. Although opting for the regime of polygamy, Emmanuel did not take a second wife. Throughout their marital life, the couple seems to have never had problems. Their sin, stresses the husband, was the choice of their matrimonial regime, which today is a real obstacle to their religious life.

Divorce without reasons

In 12 years of marriage, the couple gave their heart and soul to the service of the lord in a Catholic church in the city. In view of their respective responsibilities in their diocese, the parish council forced them to formalize their union with the church. Having been previously married under polygamy, the spouses can not benefit from this privilege. "The Catholic Church is against polygamous marriages.  When the priest found that we are united under the regime of polygamy, he forbade us to take communion.  He advised us to dissolve our first marriage, and remarry under monogamy. According to him, it is the only solution to celebrate our union with the church. That's why we've seized your court, "said Emmanuel.

After hearing the complainant, the court realized that Emmanuel did not raise any grounds for divorce. "The court does not grant a divorce without just cause. In Cameroon, there is no longer a divorce by mutual consent. Are there no other ways around to avoid this?  Have you met all the prerequisites for a wedding before you get married? Has the law not provided for a procedure in change of matrimonial regime? ", Questioned the judge. After informing her hierarchy, she resolved to dissolve this union, imagining the reasons for divorce.

Emmanuel accuses his wife of the abandonment of the matrimonial home, and in a counterclaim verbal, Sonia accuses her husband of physical abuse. The lady, who says she is more involved in the activities of the church than her husband, wants the divorce to be pronounced to the tors tors of the latter. "I do not want to bring prejudice that will devalue me in my Christian association. I never deserted the marital home. I love my husband, and I can not wait to get married to him at church, "she said. Verdict, December 18, 2019.