Sunday, December 29, 2019

Cameroonian pastor allegedly sacrifices and buries many of his followers

file photo

Following the sudden disappearance of their daughter last October, a family decided to go after the Pastor of a revival church frequented by the person concerned. But their amazement will be terrible when the Pastor reveals to them that he buried their daughter a few days earlier by his own care. It is from these revelations that the family will seize the police and the justice for procedures of investigation and exhumation of the body of their daughter.

Finally after investigations and legal procedures, a raid by the police under the supervision of the prosecution on the places indicated by the Pastor, will reveal 03 graves which are all the work of the Pastor. All the bodies were thus exhumed (as shown in the photo) yesterday morning so that the different families could proceed to their formal identification.

The Pastor named TADIE Luc is currently in pre-trial detention. As for Julienne's family, they have started their mourning for a dignified funeral in Douala.