Tuesday, December 31, 2019


In Yaoundé, the hour is serious, especially for ministers and DGs.  Their stomachs and bladders are full of good poison, but they suffer more than a cocoa planter crossing the Sanaga River whose fields have just been ravaged by relentless bush fires.  Our ministers are thoughtful, oblivious of the frightful ostentations that have presided over their insolent fortune and their usurped social power.  It is now that they realize that the etymology of a word must conform to its practical uses: minister means servant!  They understand it too late: anger is raging in the villages, the youth of the cities are threatening to take control of the street, rebels of another kind are sieving their office.  In the meantime, the police officers who were called in for help suddenly became mischievous and lost precious time to act.  For days that it lasts, they give the impression of thinking!  Premonitory sign of what is happening….  The ministers who were already exhausted because of intrigue, the war of leadership in their respective communities and the culture of wickedness no longer succeed in meeting among themselves.  Everyone is nervous.  They did not already understand the policy of the Renewal.  They knew only brute force, intimidation, corruption, lies and gratuitous murder.  Now, they are no longer found in the decentralized politico-strategic grammar imposed by Étoudi.

And tomorrow Paul Biya will speak, as if he had seen nothing, as if he had heard nothing.  This is what kills his ministers: for years, the Grand Comrade has been playing dumb, deaf.  Now he's blind.  He will serenely, cynically, give his annual Speech to the Nation, where he will take stock of the tormented years that we have known;  it will be more reassuring compared to the situation in the North West and South West;  it will set the course for major economic and social opportunities with job creation announcements in certain fields.  On the political level, by considering the double legislative and municipal ballot of February 9, next, he will make his fellow citizens understand the importance of decentralization and the responsibilities which now fall on high administration and citizens, at Election Cameroon, so that the  local civil service brings social peace and prosperity through the transparent selection of actors capable of driving this new dynamic.
But the presidential function does not consist in speaking.  It consists of doing, that is to say, promoting the happiness of citizens by combating misery, inequality and abuse of all kinds.  To be President is to constitute a programmatic device to promote a nation.  A Head of State invents the future that suits his people.  Speaking is the work of priests, imams, journalists, philosophers, in short of all those who expire the strong verb.  They are the masons and educators of society;  they handle stupidity on a daily basis and work on consciences for the generation of a republican spirit.  Speaking is also the duty of ministers.  Their expression consists in principle in the construction of a social or economic building.  Because as members of the government, they have the dual responsibility of explaining the broad outlines of the President’s policy and of carrying out his will and the purpose of the supreme authority whose logic and desires they must understand.  In this column, we will first examine the Great Silence and the false "presidential silences" (I);  we will then decipher the presidential message with hardened hearts and the stake of tomorrow's speech (II);  Finally, we will assess the discussions between Paul Biya and the future of our country (III).


The opposite of silence is not speech: it is noise!  Gordon Hempton, an American bioacoustician, has identified fifty areas completely free from noise pollution caused by human activity.  The bioacoustician is one who studies silence and specializes in the analysis of sounds containing no noise of human origin.  This American specialist has toured the world three times in thirty years in search of completely natural sounds.  Unfortunately, he forgot to go through Cameroon, this permanent murmur of the earth to humanity.  Indeed, despite the constant gesticulation of the clowns in power, this country has turned into a dismal cemetery where the servants and advisers of the Prince, at the slightest rustle of public opinion, await daily the announcement of their deliverance;  they are begging on television (especially at CRTV) for the presidential coffin!  The situation is so overwhelming that a misguided researcher, certainly dazzled by the flashes of cameras, believed that this deafening silence was due to the President himself, when he is only a collateral victim.  People who want to eat the country are going after him!  Because, it is obvious that all the uproar which we are currently witnessing in our public space and abroad is the most edifying testimony of the Great silence in which our people are plunged.  Where does it come from that people come to confuse our brains with the little sure theories of "presidential silences"?  Being inspired is not bad in itself.

It is when you are passionate about your mistake that it is no longer good.  How can we meaningfully say that we theorize, that we schematize, that we model and that we map an impossibility, something that is not?  And it is said that we are doing the work of a scientist.  And we catch a doctorate with that!  The very principle of such research centered not on the positive modalities of presidential expression but rather on its infra-expressions poses a problem for me.  Valuing presidential silences in these conditions is only a playfulness of science which evolves with theories rigorously demonstrated certainly, but also, unfortunately, with canonized fantasies.  If the country academic we are talking about had flirted with the dialectic, that is to say the process of deepening a critical (discursive and practical) itinerary, he would have understood that there is no  place for silence.

in the highest office.  Paul Biya was very strong in philosophy, if I stick to his results in Terminale.  He deepened the dialectic and brought it to such a level of refinement that he reached an unprecedented monolectic.  The portal for Cameroonians in Belgium (@ camer.be).  By monolectic, I mean the reflexive, political and strategic enterprise which devotes the capacity to swallow contradictions in order to survive the criminogenic intrigues of cursed courtiers.  At this level of power, above the words, there are gestures, acts, like a whim, even the blinking of the eyelids is infinitely powerful.  At this level of political communication, we are condemned to say nothing more, we must predict the future;  it turns into a visionary.  And for the people to have the chance to benefit from these high expectations of the future, the ministers must follow;  they must be capable of a vision and be partisan of a rigorous ethics.

It's not that Paul Biya doesn't want to speak.  It is because the whisper of the demanding times of today forces him not to even utter another word.  And traditional African wisdom has nothing to do with this mimic retention of expression.  It is the ambient denial of common sense that it seeks to contain.  He is not speechless;  it is the silence that surrounds it that leads astray observers and researchers who venture there;  it is the absence of real and competent people around him and the emptiness which is its corollary which steal his political expressions and projects.  His language then turns into a puddle of repressed wills mimed by sacrilegious wills of the insane demigods around him.  Biya is the immeasurable assumption of a verbose interior that comes up against exterior noise.  He resolved to listen only to his inner work.  He is the most talkative man that Cameroon has produced!  But the terror of his loneliness spikes him.  This dereliction which terrified him at the start became, over the bitter time, the launching pad for his combative ambitions.  He doesn't have a problem with his speech, which is constant;  he worries about the hearing health of the privileged receptors who are his "faithful" and his "creatures".  Paul's words no longer belong to him.  So he resolves to wait.  Biya is therefore not a silence;  it’s an active expectation.  The others happily await his end while he strives to bring his own ideas to life, to build opportunities for his fellow citizens.  In the end, he embodies the patient work of hope, the hope of a new country that all Cameroonians want to see realized.  He is waiting for a new promise.  Paul is sealed at the top of his exception, the onto-anthropological inaccessibility which confines him to stay in place, not to try to move, to be located elsewhere ...


The current stake of any presidential initiative, it is to contribute to the moulting of the capacity, it is to consecrate the rebirth.  Paul Biya must get rid of his illusory protection to put on the people’s curasse, the only bulwark to save a national leader plagued by superpowered raptors and enemies of the interior.  This is why he has no choice but to separate from the scoundrel, his fellows and their criminal spells, whatever comely and humanitarian side it may take at this fateful moment when it trembles.  lose its benefits not provided for by the regulations in force.  When revolt rages in the population, the tears of unrepentant traitors have no effect on a power in danger.  The current challenge is the promotion of a new political class made up of citizens whose personal qualities and professional skills are established.  Unfortunately, several of these deserving executives have been moved to the CPDM during the last investitures.  One of the most symbolic cases of the mafia character of these preselections within the ruling party is the Mayo-Sava.  Cavaye Yéguié Djibril has simply dismissed a young, balanced, competent academic whose political and professional career suffers from no ethical wrinkle.  Professor Gwoda Abder Abel, teacher and decanal manager at the University of Maroua, who was determined to bring his expertise to the National Assembly, was stopped dead by forgery, the use of forgery, imposture and trafficking  'affecting !  Stupidity triumphed in the legislative preselections in this constituency, as indeed in several other constituencies across the country.

But those who still hope to intimidate, thus flouting democracy during the municipal and legislative double ballot on February 9 next under the pretext that they want to serve the president of the republic will sign their political death warrant.  They will meet the people on their way.  They must also be reminded that the candidates who will oppose them are for the most part non-influenced, incorruptible, anti-intrigue and of a viper serenity.  Let them understand that it is a pain lost: Paul Biya has definitively undone the filthy bonds of the serfdom of power with which the villain had tied him.  When the ballot box is stuffed, 100% in favor of the Grand Comrade, nothing will be tolerated.  In his mind, the president cut the mystico-umbilical cord with the pack that prevaricated and massacred in the name of preserving the achievements of the Renewal.  He exorcised himself.  What remains to be done is to incorporate the healthiest energies that have been sidelined in the ranks of the CPDM and those that emerge in the parties opposed to its troops, which we know it does not really control  intentions and hidden agendas.  And this even concerns MRC activists.  Above all, it would not be unprecedented in modern political history for a leader to choose the alternative in opposition.  In France, François Mitterrand, Socialist President, had encouraged Jacques Chirac, of the right, to prepare to take power ... When the nation is in danger, the basely partisan considerations do not count any more: it is necessary to engage the future!


 Paul Biya is of a psychosomatic constitution which excludes all trade with the villain.  By force of circumstances, he therefore compromised himself.  He nevertheless understood, after the fact, that in a democracy it is forbidden to personalize power.  Jean-Godefroy Bidima argues in this regard that "democracy appears as a" place of empty power "(Lefort), because it is forbidden for rulers to appropriate, to incorporate themselves into power".  In other words, power is not in the hands of the one who is supposed to hold it... Biya has understood it so well that he excels in monolectics.  Monolectics, this overturned dialectic, led Paul Biya to constitute the commissioner of the gods, the factor of hope and the postman of redemption.  He is repugnant to selective sentimentality without missing a confusing lucidity: "I lack, to command, the voice of the lion", he confides in his heart with Zarathustra.  That’s why he just smiles at the infected nothingness, which engulfs him.  Paul, speak low, whisper, ruminate your misguided greatness and your revolution!  In your case, stuttering is a sign of immense talent, of great genius.  It takes this mortification to resist the noises of the criminal silence which constitutes this immoderate and obese regime which has come out of your hands.

Like any man, the clock of time advances;  the needle of life turns.  Soon you will go out to never sleep again, to turn on forever in the memory of history.  Alongside the gods, you will point the finger at the authors of your ordeal.  We concede to you: "The most silent words are those that bring the storm.  The thoughts carried on the dove's feet lead the world ”!  He who expresses himself poorly and acts well is close to the heavens!  Paul, lose the shame of running out of voices!  Failing to express yourself, persevere, sweat!