Friday, December 13, 2019

Cameroon: Olembe stadium has been removed from the Piccini, here is why

The Olembe stadium has just been removed from the Piccini group and entrusted to the Canadian company MAGIL.

The same company MAGIL obtained in OTC the market penetrating East of Douala. This market was awarded to the Chinese at 34 billion fcf. They had defeated Razel who was 42 billion. Today it has been attributed to MAGIL at 56 billion CFA francs. They immediately outsourced everything to Razel at $ 42 billion. 

Why had not we attributed directly to Razel? Who is hiding behind the company MAGIL? 

Olembe stadium providers are still not paid and have started legal proceedings. What we know today about MAGIL Construction in Cameroon is that it is headed by an unscrupulous man, Franck MATHIERE, of French nationality. 

The latter is accused of having scammed several Cameroonian companies on the stage of Bépanda. Several worked unpaid, pseudo contracts unilaterally terminated, threats that followed and others. 

We can quote: The STRUCTURIS Cabinet, small local BET which calculated, dimensioned and realized all the plans of execution reinforced concrete and metallic framework was sent out of the project at the end to leave place to whom? Guess... Egis. The GEOMERIT Topographic Office... Same. After overexploiting its subcontractors, when paying, Frank Mathiere does not hesitate to call the companies to threaten to accept the deal he offers them otherwise they will not pay anyway. He does not hesitate to put forward his relationship with the regime's pundits.

He met with the head of MAGIL responsible for contract management and litigation, a certain Carine LANDRIEUX. The construction of the Stade de Bépanda is far from being a model for MAGIL to be entrusted with that of Olembé, despite the shortcomings of PICCINI. 

PICCINI asked for nearly 40 billion CFA francs to finish the Olembe stadium. The market has been withdrawn to be entrusted to MAGIL, which is requesting nearly 100 billion CFA francs. Welcome retrocommissions.