Monday, December 2, 2019

Cameroon: Maurice Kamto calls out Paul Biya

Maurice Kamto reiterated his outstretched hand in the direction of the tenant of Etoudi Palace

Maurice Kamto, leader of the MRC was facing three journalists on Equinoxe TV yesterday in "Truth in Face", a program that was eagerly awaited by Cameroonians.
For 2 hours 30 minutes, the opponent was questioned on all major topics that fill the current Cameroonian news, including the post-presidential events of 2018. 

Maurice Kamto reiterated his hand extended towards the tenant of the palace of Etoudi, so that, he says, the liabilities of the presidential election be settled. "I have a problem of legitimacy with Mr. Biya," said. 

The lawyer-politician has shown that the battle he is waging is above his personal interests. His only wish: to see Cameroon with another image.

The law clerk suggested that if his fight were to allow others to carry the country higher, he would be proud of it: "I was not born with President writing on my forehead," he said. supported, thus taking against those who accuse him of being obsessed with power. 

He continued: "If those who are in charge of governing at the moment solve the problems of Cameroonians, then I would be satisfied." But if he does not, he warns, I will continue to fight with determination. " 

On the subject of tribal hatred attributed to him, Maurice Kamto is clear: "If the Cameroonians put me in capacity to manage this country, I will be the president of all, not that of a group only. Who could consider being president via a group only? So why will I go to the Far North, East, South? I will not do the politics of hate.