Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Brazil: Mayor of Sao Paulo responds to Cameroon's ambassador on the right to independence Ambazonia

The Sao Paulo Council which recognized the right to independence of the Ambazonia responded to Cameroon's ambassador to Brazil, Martin Mbeng who wrote a letter of protest after the interim government of Sako obtained a motion to Council support.

The Council gave a lesson on self-determination and the history of English-speaking Cameroon to the Ambassador referring him to UN resolution 1608. 

The President of the Council also declared that they cannot on their own officially recognize a State but that they can give a movement of support as they have done in Ambazonia. For him, the presence of the flag of Ambazonia in the event shows how diverse the institution is towards internal and external stakeholders. 

CamerounWeb offers you the entire letter 


Barueri, December 06, 2019 

His Excellency Martin MBENG 

Ambassador of the Republic of Cameroon to Brazil

CC: Mr. Paulin Martial Tchenzette 

Counselor of the Embassy of Cameroon in Brazil 

Dear Sir. 

In response to your letter n ° 491 / UACB sent to the Municipal Chamber of 

December 04 , 2019 and intended for the President of this institution, the 

following considerations should be underlined : 

The Municipal Chamber of Barueri by way of a motion a approved its support for the aspirations of self-determination of the people of the region known as South Cameroon - or Ambazonia - but it is important to note that:

a- In the Brazilian legal organization as well as in the internal regime of the Municipal Chamber of Barueri the term Motion - means proposing, studying a proposal to resolve a question: 

b- A legislative motion has no legal value, although 'being the expression of the political will of the parliamentarians of the 

municipal district . 

The motivation for the development of this Motion was based on intense research in the archives of the United Nations and on the own history of the decolonization of African countries (including the official archives of 

the Cameroonian Government), taking into account the process. politics that culminated in the sad ongoing conflict, among others: 

a- United Nations resolution No. 1608 which in its article 5: - invites the Government of South Cameroon of the Republic of Cameroon to initiate urgent discussions with a view to finalizing, before October 1961, the framework in 

which this resolution will be implementation, The resolution cites two separate entities. Unfortunately, there was no agreement between these two entities.

outside the plebiscite of 1961. 

b- The legal existence of the Ambazonian nation, incorporated since 1948 then called. South Cameroon included a government representation elected in 1958 with a bicameral parliament which could suggest a legal existence before 1961. 

C- Violent incidents between the two parties since the escalation of tensions in 2016. with the victims on both sides is regrettable. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to control the media drift and the possible political use that has been made of the approved motion. 

IV- In our country, only the President of the Republic - Advised by the Ministry of External Relations - has legal powers to recognize the nations and territories in accordance with considerations a and b of the first point of this document. 

V- With regard to the flag of the Ambazonia - although this is not true, 

it would not be legally unconformable, since the seat of parliament can accommodate any organization, from different internal or external social strata.

VI- The parliament must value the plural debate, as is done by the legislative body of Barueri, even if this debate arouses antagonism and divergent interests inside or outside the parliamentary representation: 

VIl- Friendship between Brazil and Cameroon is appreciated and valued by this municipal parliament, as a whole, however, although respecting the opinion of the representatives of Cameroon. the people we received in the Municipal Chamber did not present themselves to us as members of a terrorist group. 

VIII- In total, it should be emphasized that the Municipal Chamber of Barueri supports a peaceful solution, with the promotion of democratic and humanitarian principles, referring in particular to the Charter of the United Nations which in its article 1 affirms: all peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of this principle, countries can freely determine their political condition and pursue their economic, social and cultural development. 

I remain ready to provide you with any further clarification necessary around this issue. 

I respectfully take this opportunity to express my esteem and consideration. 


President of the Municipal Chamber of Barueri

Source: camerounweb.com