Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Bolloré at the port of Douala: Paul Biya in agony

Things in Cameroon are always a genre, but the case of the Port Autonome de Douala (PAD) proves once again that our country is dying slowly, painfully and painfully.

When the PAD concession was entrusted to Bolloré in 2004, no particular precaution was taken to ensure that it would develop the activity of the port. If this were not the case in Cameroon, we would have thought that as the planter sharpens his machete to work on his plantation, Bolloré was going to maintain the PAD, his profit machine. No, in 15 years the wrecks have had time to rot. Added to this, the notorious corruption at the PAD, more than half of the customers willingly or unwillingly found the green grass at our neighbors. 

What to say then that Bolloré was no longer so attached to our old PAD. This was without counting on his rapacious character, an amateur of corpses. While we all believed that MSC, which offered a better price and better working conditions, had won the concession contract on January 1, 2020, Bolloré at the Elysée, the little Macron sent his valet who came to murmur in the ear of the unconditional servant and bam! Back to square one: Bolloré and MSC back in the race. 

15 years since the PAD has not wondered what they will do at the end of the concession contract. 15 years working on networks of influences to eat, even when the stomach is in the mail, there is always room for a little dessert, they say. 

Here we are, last day of the contract, no one knows who will be there tomorrow or what we will do. 

So here is that the PAD yesterday wakes up from 15 years of comatose sleep and summons the director of Douala International Terminal (DIT SA) to sign the order to requisition the 6 pages of goods from Bolloré's company, a non-exhaustive list to ensure continuity of the operation of the PAD. Madam the director said she can see well but I can't give you someone's stuff. Can the PAD force DIT SA to sell its goods? The other one, I don't know myself. In our judicial system, the one who goes to Yaoundé first is right.

Whatever in this story it is at the Elysée Palace that it is better to have its entrances. Le Drian's first lap seems not to have performed well, so he must still whisper in Paa Polo's ear. Still it should be a good day. One day when Lopaire can still go to Etoudi for the photo to post on twitter. In these times it is when it rises in the morning that we know how the day will be. At 87, that's how life goes. It is one day after another. 

So if Le Drian wants to eat a happy new year with Bolloré first, that's fine too. In the meantime if the PAD does not even work anymore, this is not what will prevent Bolloré from drinking his champagne. My people, who have always been fed on imports, are toast. But hey maybe that is how he will know how he will do. I admit that I am sometimes tired of my people who dig deep into the hole to sink further. If soaring prices, unemployment in cascades are the rock that will make him understand that there is no way out from the bottom and that we must try to get out of the hole, who am I to refuse such happy new year gift? 

In any case, DIT SA has already warned that its share ends today at 2 p.m. The rest there will only have to wait to see too. 

Kribi a solution? Better I laugh myself. Not only is said port not functional, but these great scientists did not think that roads were needed to get goods and goods out of the ports. It's not like it's going to bother Bolloré eh. There it is the Cameroonian State which pays to repair the disaffection caused by time and non-use. 

The tightening of the belt there, for 2020 it will be necessary to add holes to the belt or then look once for the suspenders otherwise it is the fall of the pants that awaits each.

Journalist: Coupsfrancs.com