Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Boko Haram stabbed Imam's son to death as their bullets failed to penetrate him in Woubifke, Cameroon

The legendary village of Woubifké, located in the Mora district, was attacked by Boko Haram fighters on the night of December 13-14, in Cameroon.

The terrorists besieged the concession of the son of the local imam and combed it. They extracted the head of the family named Mahmat Sho Sho there and tried to kill him. They shot him but without success. They dragged him out of the village and then killed him with stab weapons. “The locality of Woubifké is one of the rare localities in the so-called very red zone to have not known the attacks of Boko Haram. The village was thus far spared. All the inhabitants of the locality therefore spend the nights in their homes. We don't empty our houses at dusk like in other villages. So yesterday's attack surprises us in more ways than one because it comes at a time when they no longer have their strike force from the years 2014 and 2015. They are weakened and this is where they reach us. They entered the village around 2 am and besieged the concession of the son of the iman. They called him by name and asked him to go out and meet them in the courtyard, ”said Alamine, a member of the vigilance committee at Woubifké. Which continues: “Mahmat Sho Sho has dismissed their request. That's how they broke down the door to the room he was in, pulled him out of there, and dragged him into the courtyard. They first tried to shoot him down in his yard. They opened fire on him. Although he was shot, he was not injured. They knew that it was armored against firearms and that is how they dragged him out of the village and killed him with knives. We don't know exactly what they did to him, but blood flowed from his anus when we discovered the body. His body showed no signs of injury. That is why we think they killed him with knives, ”said Alamine, a member of the vigilance committee of Woubifké.

The locality of Woubifké is located about fifteen kilometers from Mora. "We all know that Boko Haram fighters have made the town of Tchakarmari their citadel for some time. They come there and leave by crossing the locality Woubifké but they never tried to attack it. However, this locality is geographically located within Tchakarmari. The attack last night is the very first since this Boko Haram phenomenon rages in this region. This however surprises us and leads us to ask ourselves the question according to which what could have gone well. We have always been told that the village is mystically protected and that it becomes invisible to them when they harbor the wish to attack it. What surprises most is what they took from the son of the largest marabout and iman in the locality. He is the one who would have protected the village ”, concludes a member of the vigilance committee of Woubifké.