Monday, December 30, 2019

Biya regime has accused the UN organizations of terrorism

"In the Southwest, the security forces intercepted an ambulance from a humanitarian agency carrying dangerous terrorists as well as 3 Kalashnikovs and 2 cases of ammunition," said Paul Atanga Nji to the media.

In other words, the Cameroonian government, through the voice of the Minister of Territorial Administration accuses the UN organizations of collaborating with terrorists and arms smuggling to destabilize the English-speaking regions. 

The Cameroonian government accuses international organizations intervening in the context of the crisis in the English-speaking regions, of avoiding transparency and of carrying out activities linked to terrorism. 

This very serious accusation launched by the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, on December 28, 2019 in Yaoundé before the press about the new humanitarian convoy of 100 trucks, raises questions and lacks details. The Cameroonian minister accused humanitarian organizations of taking advantage of the crisis to carry out actions in collusion with terrorists in the two English-speaking regions. However, he did not name any names and did not provide any evidence. 

"In the southwest, the defense and security forces intercepted an ambulance from a humanitarian agency carrying three dangerous terrorists wanted by the security services, as well as 3 Kalashnikovs and two cases of ammunition," said Paul Atanga Nji, taking care not to reveal the names of the three terrorists, their photos, the place of their imprisonment, the interception zone as well as the date of the facts. Clearly, the Cameroonian government itself covers terrorists and organizations that engage in arms trafficking for the benefit of terrorists on its territory!

“Not too long ago, the defense and security forces carried out an unexpected check in a humanitarian convoy of a humanitarian partner. In this truck, there was rice, soap, cans, etc. Paradoxically, there were in this truck, 3 cases of ammunition, pairs of binoculars, Android phones etc. ”, just swung Paul Atanga Nji, ironic that the internally displaced do not need this material. Where did that armed rice and trapped canned goods and seized ammunition soaps go? What did we do with this explosive truck? 

Faced with this traffic, announced Minister Atanga Nji, "the government now demands more transparency and more responsibility in the operations of our partners in the North West and South West regions". So the Cameroonian government has not demanded transparency for three years that this crisis has existed? And why the Cameroonian government is not transparent before the press by producing documents? 

The government will always work with humanitarian organizations, said the Minister of Territorial Administration: "We need them". What serious government needs to work with humanitarian organizations that supply terrorists? Denouncing organizations that help families who have taken refuge in the bush, with children spending Christmas on the leaves of trees, is simply scandalous. Meanwhile, the same government reaching out to beg for outdated cans from so-called terrorist organizations spends more than a billion and a half on holiday drink costs. 

Minister Paul Atanga Nji, who has never been in the bush or in a refugee camp, said that the figure of 600,000 internally displaced persons put forward by NGOs is false information. For him, there are 152,000 internally displaced persons in the two English-speaking regions and between 6,000 and 10,000 internally displaced persons for the other regions. Nothing in neighboring countries like Nigeria. And not a single death! Atanga Nji is worse than Augustin Kontchou.

Journalist: Remy Ngono