Monday, December 30, 2019

Bishops involvement in Etoud's Corruption: Cardinal Tumi makes serious revelations

The President of the Republic placed on the dock. Paul Biya is accused of having regularly had incestuous relations with the Catholic Church.

It was Cardinal Christian Tumi who burst the abscess yesterday. It was during a program with a large audience on Equinoxe TV (La Vérité en Face). The man of God then raised a veil on what was previously considered rumor. "We receive gifts from Paul Biya each year, Bishop: 1 million, Archbishop: 1.5 million, Cardinal: 3 million," confessed the courageous prelate on the set of this blue logo medium. 

A declaration that quickly revived on the web of debate on the mysterious death of priests in Cameroon. It is rumored that prelates who row against the tide or who do not accept being corrupt simply receive the wrath of the regime.

During his homily after the death of Monsignor Benoit Bala, Joseph Akongo, Secretary General of the Episcopal Conference of Cameroon, said: "Our Bishop was brutally murdered", accusing men of power in passing to have infiltrated the Catholic Church of Cameroon via the homosexual priests whom Monsignor Balla denounced: "this power so much sought by certain members of this church, false priests!" I address it to those there carpet in the shade, who kill the priests. You the folks of satan carpet in the shade, you can nothing against those there that God chose ”, he had declared