Friday, December 13, 2019

Binam travel agency is now authorized to resume service

It is a real leniency measure, says the Minister of Transport. 

The ministerial decision reduced from three months to 45 days the suspension of the travel agency.

Binam trip authorized to resume service from this Saturday, December 14, 2019. The decision is from Ngalle Bibehe, it is the Minister of Transport. Thus, the company must resume its activities throughout the national territory. In the case, the boss of the transport in Cameroon decides to reduce the suspension imposed on the travel agency on October 29, 2019. This suspension goes from three months to forty five days. 

This measure of clemency of the Minister is also the subject of a letter dated December 10, 2019. The letter is addressed to the director of the company Binam. It is mainly aimed at abandoning the legal actions launched against the first decision. The minister's note is not fortuitous, it also takes into account, "the recent organization of training seminars and recycling of the drivers of this company". We read in the release. 


For Ngalle Bibehe, this translates to Binam's determination and willingness to improve the safety of the passengers transported by it and to scrupulously observe the specifications of the intercity passenger transport companies. However, the government member draws attention to possible slippage. "We are going to crack down, more rigorously, on any other regulatory failure in the industry." Notify the transport boss. 

For the record, the suspension of the company Binam Voyages follows a case of aggression of passengers aboard a bus of this agency. This was done by armed men transported illegally by the driver of the car. The alleged aggressors of the occupants of the bus in question are already at the stops.