Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Benue: BIR seized massive weapons in the national park

A 05-day operation in the Bénoué National Park and in the Méiganga district has had good profitability. 13 weapons of war and more than 700 ammunition were recovered by the BIR.

The kidnappers have resurfaced since the beginning of December 2019 following the long period during the season. Their first action this month was on the night of 4 to 5 December last, an exchange of fire between the hostage takers and the defense forces consisting essentially of elements of the 4th Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR). Garoua, and the 5th BIR of Ngaoundéré. After 30 minutes of exchange of gunfire, 04 thugs were shot down, 09 Kalashnikovs AK47 were recovered with more than 500 war ammunition, 26 boxes chargers, 05 chasubles chargers, clothing effects, foodstuffs , cell phones and solar panels. Beside all this, there were padlocks and chains. 

An element of the 5th BÏR who participated in the operation told the newspaper Sahel eye that:

"The boss had information about a suspicious presence of men in Benue National Park. He brought us together and also informed his colleague from Garoua, who also gathered his elements. We were all on the scene. These thugs felt our presence and fired us first. Thank God, we have not recorded any loss in human life on our side. " 

This was preceded by an assault in the Bénoué National Park, more precisely on the night of December 1 to 2, 2019, after receiving a good information, the elements of the 5th BIR went to the locality of Djaouro-Fio , in the district of Méiganga, Mbéré department in Adamaoua. Exploitation of this information led to the discovery of a cache of weapons in which 04 Kalashnikovs AK47 were concealed, more than 200 war ammunition, 08 loader boxes, as well as chains and padlocks to keep the hostages in captivity. The officials have been sought since July.