Monday, December 30, 2019

BAS and MRC prepare the investiture of Maurice Kamto on February 1, 2020

According to information reported by Junor Zogo, members of the BAS are preparing to order Maurice Kamto to take the oath on February 1, 2020 during the grand meeting announced. Maurice Kamto will thus be invested president of the Republic of Cameroon from France where he currently stays.

The same source indicates the president of the Mrc will proceed to the constitution of a government and the appointments of ambassadors. 

"The BAS and MRC Taliban plan to have Professor Maurice Kamto sworn in on February 1, 2020. I did not say that prof. Maurice Kamto plans to take the oath. Extremists from BAS and MRC plan to swear in prof Maurice Kamto as president-elect. If Prof. Maurice Kamto was not informed, he is now. 

These revelations follow the arrest Friday midnight of 5 mercenaries (two Colombians and three Cameroonians) supposedly close to the Mrc and the Anti-sardinards brigade (BAS). 

5 mercenaries arrested at the Cameroonian embassy in Paris 

5 mercenaries would be arrested on Friday around 11:30 p.m. at the Cameroonian embassy in Paris (France). The individuals ; two Colombians and three Cameroonians were in possession of the keys to all the embassy offices. Arrested, they would be in police custody according to revelations made by the Cameroonian commissioner residing in France, Junior Zogo.

“They went through the back side because they had the keys to our diplomatic mission. It was then that the surprised guard locked all the exits and arrested them, ”said Zogo before giving details of the identity of the intruders. The three Cameroonians are Bamilik√©, close to the BAS and the MRC of Maurice Kamto. 

“We are sympathizers of the BAS and the MRC. We came as a scout. We have all the keys to the Embassy of Cameroon. These keys were given to us by a senior diplomat from your country, ”said the mercenaries. 

They were handed over to the French police after being interrogated during which several revelations were made. 

Zango, let's say it, was a member of the Anti-Sardinards Brigade (BAS) hostile to Paul Biya before swearing allegiance to the Patriots, a pro Biya organization.