Saturday, December 14, 2019

Bamenda and Buéa: the army creates secret prison, torture chambers

According to a source within the defense forces who requested anonymity, Cameroonian soldiers have created secret prisons in both Bamenda and Buea where kidnapped young people are subjected to torture and summary executions.  According to our source, Buea's torture and death chamber is located at a place called Bismark Fountain, not far from a military base. Inside the building is a room where youths arrested by soldiers are beaten with a machete.

During the torture sessions, the victims are asked to tell where the camps of the armed separatists are located. Money is also requested from the victims, said our source. In Bamenda, the bodies of young people who die as a result of the torture inflicted in the secret prison created by the army are abandoned in the morgues of hospitals and health centers in the city.

This is a terrorist method used by the government of Yaoundé to discourage the English-speaking people from their commitment to fight to recover their independence granted by the United Nations under Article 76 (b) of the Charter of United Nations and resolution 1608 of April 21, 1961. Let us recall that the option of total independence of the Southern Cameroons was rejected by the United Nations in October 1959 when it was the choice of the majority of the populations at the conference Pre-plebiscite held in Mamfe from August 10 to 11, 1959.

Journalist: Michel Biem Tong