Thursday, December 12, 2019

Bafoussam court: Kamto's sister accused of 44 million FCFA theft

The CPDM has deployed a list of investors including Cyrille Ines Laure Noumano Kamto who will compete for the ruling party in the municipal. Except that Monday, December 9, 2019, she appeared before the court of first instance of Bafoussam for theft.

It was at the hearing reserved for cases of flagrant offenses that Monday presented Cyril Ines Laura Noumano Kamto. It all began on Friday, December 6, 2019. She is, in fact, the sister of the leader of the MRC, Maurice Kamto, preparing to travel and meet at Bafoussam airport. 

She then meets the boss of the magazine Jeune Afrique Économie, Blessed Pascal Talla, which she decides to tackle. There follows an invitation to the airport bar that Blaise Pascal Talla willingly accepts. 

Almost 44 million FCFA stolen 

It ends up stealing the bag of its host which contained not less than 44 million FCFA. It was on his return that the boss of the press found that the bag, which he had finally recovered, no longer contained banknotes.

Invested by the CPDM for the municipal of February 9 in Baham, Cyrille Ines Laura Noumano Kamto dirty his reputation at a time when it was not necessary. For their part, some members of the CPDM expose their frustration and accuse Jean Nkuété, Secretary General of the ruling party and Luc Sindjoun, special adviser to the President of the Republic, to be at the origin of a plot. 

"We do not understand what animates these two personalities, or their choice to co-opt many people yet known to be close to Maurice Kamto to give them the nomination to the detriment of the party's convinced and honest militants," he said indignantly. of them. 

Sources also reported a meeting held at Luc Sindjoun in the presence of several personalities of the party. The agenda was about the strategy to adopt towards the MRC regarding its boycott for the next elections. One billion FCFA was proposed to the president of the MRC.