Thursday, December 5, 2019

Attack on Camair aircraft: this is what really happened!

A plane of the national airline was attacked this December 1st during his landing, if this attack did not make a victim, it is reported that in this part of the country a humanitarian agent was killed, probably the resultant of the lack of outcome for the crisis.

The Amba boys are, without a doubt, more and more tense of the two-speed daily life of Cameroon. While they still want to make their ideas prevail, it is in elections and other muffled meetings that the eight other regions of the country take care of. The fury of the separatist fighters was first attacked on a plane MA60 Camair-Co this Sunday. 

The aircraft registered TJQDB from Douala landed in Bamenda in the stroke of 9:30 GMT with 28 passengers on board. He is greeted by heavy gunfire. The agility of the pilots will have been beneficial for the crew. 

Commander Marcel Bonda (Cameroon) and co-pilot Obiang (Gabonese) performed a maneuver that allowed them to land without difficulty. After inspecting the aircraft, they noticed a bullet impact in the luggage compartment. An official statement from the company confirmed that there are no casualties, but the device should be unavailable for days or even weeks. In the same area, the irreparable happened. The coordinator of the United Nations System in Cameroon announced on her account tweeter the killing of a humanitarian agent.

Allegra Baiocchi said, "This unacceptable murder must be condemned by all. The humanitarian family in Cameroon is united in its determination to help those in need. ". A determination that has nothing to discourage armed groups. There are good reasons to believe that their wrath is due to the ostentatious negligence granted by the regime in place to their situation. 

So we could have had more than thirty dead this day. Biya probably wants to see more blood flowing to try rational or interface measures as usual.