Saturday, December 14, 2019

As the Ambazonians gave an ultimatum to Paul Biya

While the great national dialogue organized by Paul Biya was supposed to resolve the English-speaking crisis, the English-speaking leaders remained in prison in Yaoundé, while those invited by the government preferred to boycott the meeting. Consequence: no lull on the ground. Fighting continues between separatists and soldiers from the Cameroonian army. The spokesperson for the imaginary state of Ambazonia raised his voice and threatened the regime in place.

“We are giving the Cameroonian authorities three weeks to recover and unconditionally release all the Ambazonian detainees. As they did to political prisoners, within a short time (…) Otherwise, the provisional government will declare an indefinite total closure of the territory called Ambazonia. All borders with French Cameroon will be completely closed, ”said Chris Anu in an audio that has been circulating on social networks since Sunday October 6. The spokesman for Ambazonia warns that things will be difficult in the days to come. Because "difficult circumstances require difficult actions". He specifies that the countdown to the blockade will start as soon as his message is broadcast. 

Regretting that the great national dialogue did not lead to the release of a dozen separatist leaders including Ayuk Tabe and other English speakers detained across the country for this crisis, Chris Anu considers that this exclusive dialogue which resulted in the prisoners French-speaking politicians who are not affected by the English-speaking crisis is a provocation. 

It should be recalled that at the end of April, the Ambazonian secessionists had decreed an operation “Lockdown”, or the “locking” of the English-speaking areas. This Lock down operation according to took place in two phases. The first phase of the Lock down took place from April 29 to May 1, 2019 and was intended to prevent the celebration of Labor Day in the North West and South regions of Cameroon. The second phase of Lock down took place from May 19 to 20 to thwart National Day celebrations in English-speaking regions.

When the blockade is decreed by the interim leaders of Ambazonia, it is a question of not allowing people to enter or leave the two regions. Also, the owners of the shops are forced to close shop. The populations are executed, despite the calls of the administrative authorities. To this must be added the operation dead cities every Monday in all the cities of the English-speaking regions. 

Since 2016, this situation continues and suffocates the economy of Cameroon which we know that it draws the biggest share of its GDP in these two regions rich in oil, cocoa, coffee, etc.