Saturday, December 21, 2019

Anglophone Crisis Victims attack Karen Bass

A few days after the correspondence sent to the Cameroonian president by the American parliamentarian Karen Bass, a group of victims of the English-speaking crisis are indignant at the disinformation of this high authority.

Below, the response from the Mbororo victims association in Bamenda 

Mbororo victims association - Ntambang, Bamenda III, North West Cameroon 


To the Honorable Karen Bass 

Congress of the United States

Via Email and Fax 

Honorable Bass, 

We, Mbororo of Cameroon are an indigenous community, made up of a large group of Muslim breeders and other groups engaged in trade, in the crisis regions of Cameroon. Our Association has read with great consternation your letter of December 12, 2019 addressed to our President, HE Paul Biya. 

We believe that you are uninformed about several aspects of the letter. Our Mbororo community went through a genocide organized by Cameroonians living on American soil who consider themselves “Ambazonians”. Here we present to you some “horrific acts of violence” committed by the “non-state armed groups” that you mentioned in your letter. 

Ambazonians living in the United States, through their accounts on social networks, asked for our genocide because we, as people in love with peace, had refused to participate or to help them financially in their political agenda of secession with the Cameroon. Therefore, the Ambazonians of the United States asked their armed groups to kill us, to rape our women and girls and to slaughter all our cattle. Their armed groups carried out these orders.

In our community, we have 1078 affected households and 12,373 internally displaced people. We have 189 raped women, over 6,000 children banned from school and 272 registered deaths. We were forced at close range to pay fully, more than 187,430,000 CFA francs since October 2016. These figures do not indicate the harm we have endured since certain members of our tribe do not communicate their information to us. 

The Cameroon Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), under the orders of President Paul Biya, intervened and put an end to the genocide initiated against us. The Cameroonian army and the government helped us resume our economic activities, rebuild the destroyed local roads and gave us the semblance of security that we need to continue our business. 

As a group, we also participated in the Grand National Dialogue to seek solutions to the crisis, and it was an open, productive and very engaging process. 

We live and breathe this crisis on a daily basis and “down to the smallest detail”. We hope and pray that you will support our government and our President Paul Biya by preventing the Ambazonians from hiding in the United States, thus transforming this country into a paradise haven for international terrorism. Please do not allow our government to negotiate with the international terrorists in the United States who wanted to see genocide happen to our people, but rather, help bring them to justice. 

We pray that you will continue to supply our government with the military and financial assistance necessary to eradicate terrorism and end the crisis. We pray that you will examine, objectively, the evidence that many non-governmental organizations have gathered against the Ambazonians, and that you take legal action. Watch their videos and listen to them asking for killings, torture, beheadings of members of civilians, property fires and many other crimes to be committed against people who disagree with them.

The only effect of your letter, Honorable Bass, is to encourage the Ambazonians in the United States and their supporters to continue to engage in “horrific acts of violence” and other human rights violations. You should prevent them, not encourage them. 

We would like to have an interview with you, Honorable Bass. Please let us know if possible. 

Dahiru Ibrahim Mohammadu 

for the Association of Victims Mbororo