Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Paul Biya is in the hot seat!

Karen Baas and 8 of her colleagues from the American congress arrest President Biya. Just after the stay at the palace of the unity of the French ambassador to Cameroon and despite the submission to parliament of the famous special status for said regions.

While in Yaoundé, unofficial communicators first argued that the letter attributed to members of Congress was false, they say since yesterday that "9 members of Congress represent what in a parliament of more than 400 members?". In other words, Ms. Baas and company are ... in the minority. However, since this morning, it is the chairman of the committee on foreign affairs of the said parliamentary institution who formally requests the representative of the United States to the United Nations to initiate a resolution at the Security Council on the humanitarian situation in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. 

Karen Baas is the American deputy who led a parliamentary mission to Cameroon last July. This mission had not been authorized to visit the NOSO. As for Eliot Engel, he is elected from the Bronx, a district very popular with the Cameroonian diaspora of New York. In his letter to the UN ambassador, he calls for the establishment of an independent mission in Cameroon to establish the facts about serious crimes in the regions.

The country of Donald Trump has chaired this month, for one year, the Security Council, the decision-making body of the UN. 

I clearly have the impression of the opening of a race against the clock between the American authorities and the Cameroonian regime of President Biya. At the heart of the discord: the situation in the English-speaking regions in particular and the Cameroonian political situation in general. Question: who, apart from the Cameroonians themselves, can stop this spiral which does not smell very good for our country?

Source: camerounliberty.net