Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Army general misses assassination of 'Field Marshall'

Former commander-in-chief of "Field Marshall", the boss of the armed group Red Dragons who controls the Lebialem (South-West Anglophone), "General Ayeke", announced for death on March 21 by the communication division of the Cameroonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Defense, is today at the head of an armed group called "Gorilla Fighters" based in the locality of Alou, in Lebialem.

In a video currently circulating on social networks, General Ayeke, a former soldier of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), an elite unit of the Cameroonian army, announces that he and his men have waged a victorious battle against troops of the Cameroonian army. But in the same video, he accuses his ex-boss Field Marshall of terrorizing people during a mourning, kidnapped for ransom and raped girls in front of their families. 

This attitude of General Ayeke is actually the implementation of the plan developed by the regime of Paul Biya through the Division of Military Security, his military intelligence service, to destroy the Dragons RE. As we have explained to you many times in our writings, the sinister Emile Bamkoui, the boss of this villainous crime laboratory known by the acronym SEMIL, has put in place a plan to break the unity in the revolt of the English-speaking people . The behavior of Ayeke is one of the variations of this plan. 

The goal of Ayeke and his group is to systematically attack (physically or by video) Field Marshall and destroy the reputation of the latter considered the beast of power of Yaounde. As a reminder, General Ayeke is very close to the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Economy, Paul Tason, Anglophone elite close to Biya from Lebialem.

For the record, it is by the general Ayeke that at the beginning of April, the secret services Cameroon went to establish a plan to neutralize all the REd Dragons. The plan was for General Ayeke, some members of the REd Dragons and Cameroonian soldiers to simulate a battle in which the death of General Ayeke was to be announced and then the latter would reappear and propose to Field Marshall to celebrate his return by gathering all the Red Dragons at Azi camp to eat and drink. And after the feast, once all the Red Dragons were asleep, Azi's camp was going to be attacked by the BIR and all the REd Dragons neutralized. 

But Field Marshall will foil this plan by refusing to organize such a party since when BIR soldiers attack the Azi camp the next day, in the early morning, all the Red Dragons are not present at the camp. There was only the night watchman who was killed. Is it because the plan failed and General Ayeke was laid bare that he decided to dissent from the Red Dragons and create his own armed group? This is not excluded. Nevertheless, these internal struggles within the separatist armed groups first benefit the power of Yaoundé who created them through its SEMIL.

Reporter: Michel Biem Tong