Sunday, December 22, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: another big secret reveals

Since the start of the crisis in the NoSo Regions, the Cameroonian authorities have continued to protest against an "outside hand" which would pull the chestnuts out of the fire, calling on "true friends" of Cameroon to support the Government in its efforts rather than aggravate the situation with their scathing statements and ambiguous attitudes.

Like many of our compatriots, the average citizen that I am always thought that the authorities were crying wolf, and this has well arranged the affairs of the contenters of the power in place in Yaoundé. 

However, the enemies of Cameroon, well accustomed to sowing rain and good weather all over the world according to their interests, did not measure the magnitude of the task in the country of the Indomitable Lions. Yes, this country whose density of intellectuals per km² beats all records. The Cameroonian can have all the faults, but if there are some common points to this people recognized by all, it is the intellectual sagacity, the pugnacity and the alertness of spirit, among others! You can fool all of the people once, you can fool some of the people all the time, but you can't fool all of the people all the time. And we Cameroonians are far from being fooled. 

We certainly have things to blame our leaders for, as is the case everywhere in the world (France, Spain, United States and Great Britain are in the news all the time at the moment), but we are mature enough to know that no one can love our country better than ourselves. Mr. Barlerin, Ms. Allegra, we are grateful for your proposals, but we think that you can put this energy and time that you devote to our business to think of solutions to end the crisis in your own countries, including the situation politics has rarely been so deplorable. At the moment, your respective countries need all your energy as much as Cameroon needs ours. Especially since more and more the Cameroonian people are wondering about your real aims, 

How else can we understand that after your multiple calls for dialogue, that President Biya, in his assertive posture as a beggar for peace, calls for a Great Inclusive National Dialogue that you hasten to trivialize, if not torpedo its scope, after the UN (which pays Ms. Allegra's salary), the African Union, the Commonwealth, the OIF, most of the international organizations which are monitoring this situation closely and several world leaders have congratulated the Government on this strong act? 

How to explain that the day after this dialogue, Ms. Allegra finds herself, without the approval of her bosses (UN), in a meeting with the representatives of some Western chancelleries in New York (USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Germany ) to try by all means to force the Security Council, with a view to obtaining sanctions against Cameroon?

How to explain, that in the aftermath of the Nth release of prisoners arrested in the context of this crisis and the extraordinary summoning of Parliament to have the Law long awaited by the Cameroonian people adopted and finally set to music the final note of decentralization and consecrate the special status of NoSo, when True Friends of Cameroon are supposed to congratulate and encourage him, you hasten to meet secretly in a luxurious residence in the capital, on December 16, to warn a plan that would be the fatal blow by which you will carry the blow to Cameroon by obtaining economic sanctions in the Security Council, to finally suffocate this brave country that neither the exclusion of the AGOA initiative,neither the fabricated war (as if by chance) on the whole border with its first trading partner, Nigeria, nor the multiple sabotages, nor the arming of the rebels, prevented the agency Moody's from ranking the second most resilient country in Africa, capable of withstanding a global economic crisis for 5 years non-stop. 

Today you are clearly exposed! But know that Cameroon is a blessed country, and that its enemies always end up going astray. 

Ms. Allegra, if you were a good diplomat, you would know that Cameroon can declare you persona non grata at any time. Since it is well established that the UN, your employer does not share your schemes. Know that you still owe your post in Yaoundé only to the gallantry of Mr. Biya, who cannot belittle himself in fighting a lady! Informed persons know that you criticize the authorities in Yaoundé for not having approved your appointment as Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System. But what could be more normal for a developing country than to prefer to this position a Developmentalist rather than a Humanitarian? Is Cameroon a country at war? 

Mr. Barlerin, everyone knows that you know nothing about diplomacy. But it's not your fault! The one who parachuted you Ambassador to Yaoundé (it should be remembered that you have never had an important post in diplomacy), your boss Tibor Nagy, who was in the early 90s the Diplomatic Advisor to this American Ambassador who was promised to unbolt our President of the Republic, the same diplomat whom we saw a few weeks ago sporting his biggest smile alongside the Ambazonians on a viral photo on the internet, was sure that with you he would finally finish this work which they could not concretize during their functions in Cameroon. 

Finally, know that in the country of our ancestors, everything that is done at night ends up in the open sooner or later. You will wonder how the Cameroonians did to know that Ms. Allegra abandoned her post in Yaoundé, to go and give a presentation to her real bosses in New York by presenting them with a false inventory of Cameroon? You are probably intrigued to know how all of Yaoundé is aware of your secret meeting last Monday? You will also wonder how the Cameroonian people are always aware of all your meetings with the rebels both here and elsewhere? Well, refer to what we told you earlier, Cameroon is this blessed country whose enemies are always mistaken, and where everything that is done at night, ends up in the public square in the early morning.