Thursday, December 5, 2019

Anglophone Area: administrative services reportedly empty

The Cameroonian government is facing the phenomenon of desertion of civil servants in the English-speaking regions in crisis. Job losses have increased in the two northwestern and southwestern regions, while state employees are targeted for kidnapping and assassination.

Officials from all sectors play the absent subscribers. In some schools that have only name, health centers, departmental delegations, boroughs and other services and structures this situation of discomfort is experienced and clearly poses the issue of the assignments of the state staff. 

In the run-up to the February 2020 legislative and municipal elections, the security situation in the NOSO remains "disrupted by multiple attacks against government forces," said a local administrative authority who requested anonymity. 

In the two English-speaking regions, it is mainly civilians who are suffering: hostages, killings, looting and village fires. 

Speaking on this issue, a local authority under the seal of anonymity states "we have seen the upsurge of this phenomenon in some towns and villages of NOSO". 

To the question of why NOSO is so scary to civil servants, no objective explanation is provided by those concerned. Several other sources mention security reasons

State agent Emmanuel Ako says "I arrived here in Kumba in 2018. I found colleagues who complained about the climate of insecurity in the city." 

The fact is clear. The worm is in the fruit. Public servants and public officials take the key fields refusing to work in English-speaking regions. 

Recall that the Cameroonian government is facing the phenomenon of desertion and refusal of officials to take service in the English-speaking regions, became theaters of confrontations between army and separatists. 

Job losses are increasing in both regions and state personnel are targeted for kidnappings and killings 

We still remember the kidnapping of the sub-prefect of the district of Batibo on February 11, 2017, of which we are still without news.